Space, time and the continuum. Everything to help you forget about the reality of 2020.


By newb0Xsir | Written Words | 1 Jun 2020


Currently watching history again

Crew Dragon docking to Station, watched by many friends

Even with a disastrous start

This year, this decade is when modern age innovation will be marked


Sustainable living will become more of a norm

Humans in space might be viewed as a bore

Start up companies leading the way

Old way legacies will be held at bay


Batteries will let us do unbelievable things

Nuclear’s sins might be purged for good

Solar and wind reliving the tension of the grid’s reign

Autonomous vessels improving the ocean’s mood


Like a relief from withdrawals, this soothes me

Dreams of being a self-sufficient techie blooming into being

The normal 9–5 is good for most

But true freedom is what I would like to boast


For now, I work

My IT job isn’t the worst

But this desire is like a flesh-eating disease

Luckily, like 2020, I’m getting closer to a cure


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Just a Christian/gamer/techie/musician/sustainability lover that has decided to join this here platform.

Written Words
Written Words

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