My First Contest Submission For Writng

By rbailey83 | Writing and Me | 14 May 2022

Hey everyone, I wrote a post specifically for a Vocal Media content contest. It was to write your mom a mothers day letter confession to something you've never told her before.

I would love some views and comments about the Post/Letter. This concession is actually true what I confessed to and how I got away with what I was confessing to. Apparently views and comments on the post is taken into consideration with the judging process.

I've never really gotten into social media and been able to build up a social media presence, so I don't have a lot of people to tell about the post and it being in a contest.

Here is the link to the post: Confessions of A Son On Mothers Day 

Thanks in advance for the support!

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I have dabbled in blogging and am new to cryptocurrency. I like to read and write.

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