By wilmer74 | wramirez | 1 May 2021

Psalms 90: 1 - 5

Lord, you have been our refuge
From generation to generation.

Before the mountains were born
And it forms the earth and the world,
From the century to the century, you are God.

You return to man until he is broken,
And you say: Be converted, sons of men.

Because a thousand years before your eyes
They are like yesterday, what happened,
And as one of the night watches.

You take them away as with a flood of waters; they are like a dream,
Like the grass that grows in the morning.

It has been said that time does not exist: that time, in itself, is nothing. But that nothing becomes something, if I fill it with something. Something that, before God and men, serves a purpose.

I look back and wonder if I have taken advantage of the years that have passed. I remember the purposes that I have accomplished, and I thank God for them. But I cannot forget the purposes in which I have failed, and the weaknesses into which I have fallen ache.

Why did I not fulfill what I set out to do? Did I lack faith, or courage, or firmness? Or did I want to carry out my purposes based on my own strength? Did I fail in prayer? Did I fall into temptations?

How beautiful it would be if I had carried out the good resolutions I have done for years past!

My first purpose now is not to make any resolution without consulting with God or without obeying Him. For this reason, alone with him, I now apply myself to listening to his voice and to finding his will.

I would like not to waste a single day, not a single minute of this day. Before God and alone with Him, I make the first purpose: to seek and do His Will at all times.


My God, teach me to cherish my days in such a way that my heart fills with wisdom. Help me now to formulate firm resolutions, holy purposes, in total harmony with your will. Help me, Lord, inspire me with your Holy Spirit so that, alone with you, I can meditate and decide what I propose to do during all the days that you give me.

In the presence of Christ, and in his name, I beg you. Amen.


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