Earn While You Walk

Earn While you Walk


Everyone of us have tried to step up our lazy lifestyle and to do walk or exercise. Most of us including me wasn't able to do it due to lack of motivation wasn't able to achieve desired results.

What can be that motivation to walk, keeping our legs moving. It can be a video, quote or saying but for most of us including me this was just a small term boost which loses momentum after a week or two. Many may be able to achieve but i wasn't.

So when researching about it, i found a crazy solution to my problem. How it would be to earn while walking. As who would be a person who would not be motivated considering his gains.


Starting off with an app, that you can use to earn in app coins that can be used to convert in xyo coins, ethereum and bitcoin in our coinbase wallet. You can mine tiles for getting in app currency or see video or have geomines

So Give it a go.

Sign up on the refferal as it would benefit both of us.


Coin App

  • Step Set Go

The App can be used to get ssg coins, in app money that can be used to redeem in app offers such as a bid for iphone or subscription plans or discount coupons for other platforms.

Ssg coins can also be earned by completing some challenges, having some achievements and seeing videos.

So Put up your shoes and Walk up.

Join me on StepSetGo, an application that rewards you with free products, just for walking. Use code ' manavj3szd ' while registering and join the revolution!. 




  • Sweatcoin

The last but not the least comes Sweatcoin , a platform very similar to Step Set Go here you can earn sweat coins for redeeming such offers and similarly watch some videos.

Sign up


121 Check out this free app — It Pays to Walk 🚶




Thanks for Reading.

This is only for educational purposes not to be taken as financial advice.


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Sardar Manavjeet Singh
Sardar Manavjeet Singh

A teenager who wants to be financially independent and encourage people for Crypto. Follow me on Medium - https://medium.com/@manavahuja37458

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