How to stake ETH after the merge?

By Justufak | Worldwide Crypto | 10 Sep 2022

Half a decade of waiting for this moment, Ethereum has finally become a POS (Proof Of Stake). Another thing that excites us the most is that after the merge the energy consumption of Ethereum has been reduced by 99%. Really good time to stake some Ethereum, or is it?


The problem with staking on Ethereum is that in order to run your own node it requires 32 ETH, and the money you need in order to buy 32 Ethereum can actually buy you a house and most people who want to stake do not have access to that much capital to risk.


And that why Exodus with Lido come in. Exodus uses a staking protocol called LIdo and Lido solves that problem since it allows its users to stake some small denominations of Ethereum. The fee for using Lido is 10% of the profits that stakers made (that can change any time in the future).


How to Stake using Exodus?

You can install their Web 3 wallet *which can also be used as a metamask alternative where you can log in using exodus instead of metamask when you decide to log in with metamask. Then open the Lido application and click on connect wallet, then exodus web3 will open press connect wallet. Enter the amount you want to stake approve the transaction from exodus.



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