Sheep love to pose

Iceland, Part 2 - Animals

Life in Iceland


Today I will write something about life (animals) in Iceland. Although, Iceland is a cold country you can find the animals and took photos of them. Maybe the most common animals are sheep. We saw them probably everyday and everywhere. I think they are born to live in Iceland and weather conditions are perfect for them. One more thing, they love to pose in front of camera.

Sheep love to pose in front of camera

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Another member of our group is a horse. There were horses living in a wild nature - this was our first impression when we saw them, and then horses, let´s call them domestic horses, helping people. We also saw small horses, called ponies.

Wild horses

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Unfortunately, sea animals ignored us for a whole stay and did not show. We know from the others that you can observe whales or seals. In one small city during evening, we noticed the cat. What made the biggest impression, were puffins. One will guess that they are the members of penguin family but it is a little more complicated. Puffins can be found near cliffs and they need the easy access to sea. Faroe Islands are probably another home for puffins.

puffins - one of the animals of Iceland

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Today I showed you some animals from Iceland. Although it is cold and hostile country, life is present there. Maybe one interesting information - it is very hard to find forest there. We saw only small groups of trees but I can not say it was the forest. Thank you for reading this post, and see you soon.





Quotes from a book:

1. Flow. M. Csikszentmihalyi





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