Iceland, Part 1 - The beginning



One will expect Iceland to be the country of ice (from the words Ice and Land, Ice-Land). But I prefer to call Iceland - Green-land. Everywhere we looked we could see thousands shades of green colour. Of course, we can not expect temperatures above 20 °C. Iceland is cold country and during summer period the temperature ranges between a few degrees above zero to 15 maybe 20 °C. In the next picture you can see what I meant about the name Green-land for Iceland.

Iceland can be called Green-land

Man learned to lie an hour after he learned to talk. D. R. Hawkins (1)

What was a new and unknown phenomena for me was how quick the weather can change. You have sunny weather, after while there is a rain, strong wind and suddenly, beautiful rainbow appeared. The cycle ended and new one began. This is so important, to be prepared for every kind of weather you can imagine. Below is one of the many rainbows I captured during those cycles.

One of many rainbows

Character is the complete sum of all thoughts. J. Allen (2)

While visiting Iceland, brace yourself, you will need to fight against wind almost for a whole time. In Iceland I realised how strong and dangerous can wind be. One important hint - hold the doors of your car because wind can suddenly borrow them and you will see doors to float somewhere in the sky.

To sum it up, the best time to visit Iceland is so called summer period from late May to September. Temperatures are up to 20 °C during the day and few degrees above zero during the night. During one day you can expect sunny weather, rainy weather, foggy weather and do not forget about almost always present wind.

Thanks for reading this post, in next articles I will add more information and photos about Iceland with some interesting quotes.





Quotes from a book:

1. Power vs. Force. D. R. Hawkins

2. The complete works of James Allen. J. Allen

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World, travelling, photos and quotes
World, travelling, photos and quotes

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