world of disablity

world of disablity

By emotarge | world of disability | 18 Jul 2021

Disability is a complex phenomenon. It is so hard to explain those not suffer from it how a disable person could live. In the other word, it is a quite abstract issue for them. For instance, how could they suppose that a person with no hand answers his cell phone, does his daily routine life, etc. Or, have you ever thought that how a short person could wash her face with an ordinary tap format? How could non-handicapped persons think about a person who climb mountains with no foot?

These are complex, while extraordinary. Meanwhile, it is reality though. Especially in third world countries, it is a dominant belief among people is that a physical disabled person could really do nothing. He is believed as a poor people needs help, both financially and non-financially. Unfortunately some people think that if they help such people, then God forgives their sins. Bitter foolish idea, isn’t it? As if God sits up there and has a dealing agency. He looks down, visiting a person who accidentally helps a disabled man, for example, gets money from ATM (most ATMs are not installed suitable for those with wheelchair). And then, God says : “ Ok guy! you helped him and I ignore your that especial sin”. Yes. It seems ridiculous, but is somehow reality in our society.

Some social behavior, here, are really insulting. As a physical disable person who live in the third world society, they make me upset. While encounters with us in a society, they look up there to heaven and appreciate God not create them like us. And if you recognize it and criticize them, they obviously deny their behavior. Some laugh, some ask if we are literate and don’t believe that there are some disable persons who have gotten their PHD.

Among these, there are other group of people who deeply services us. It seems great, doesn’t it? But wait a minute. They do such just to show themselves. They try to be looked as a sympathetic citizens to achieve their personal purposes or to get social repetition. They looked disable people as a tool and try to get some social advantages, pretending their sympathy to us. I am ashamed to say that they really and obviously cheats others in the light of showing themselves salvage angel.

But let me be optimistic. My experiences as a disable person show that, although a few, but there are nice people don’t judge us according to our physical appearance. They look at us as an ordinary person and try to see our inner talents and abilities, put them as a basis of their judgment. They look for humanity and finding it, make a strong bond of friendship and mutual cooperation with us. They are few , but valuable!!       

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I am a writer

world of disability
world of disability

Hi. I live in IRAN and I am both writer and translator. I am a physical disable and here I try to share my experiences as well as circumstances of those like me in Iran society

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