third group

third group

By emotarge | world of disability | 20 Jul 2021

Have you ever made puzzles?

In my society, there are three point of view to disabled persons and accordingly, we can categorize persons in there groups.

The first group, in my category of course, are those who think we are pity persons. They offend us with their behavior toward us. They insult and ignore our existence in the society. They behave impolitely. Don’t greeting. Don’t answer our questions and … . According to them, disabled persons are miserable and piteous. They may sometimes help us, but in a foolish way combined with negative exaggeration! For example, they put a coin in our hand, without thinking we might have a good job with high salary, personal home, car, etc

The second group consider us as a superhero. They used to exaggerate about our different performances, even very very ordinary ones, stemmed from the fact that before they became familiar with us, they had supposed we can do nothing. This exaggeration, although positive, annoys disable persons.

Third group look at us as others. According to their view, there is no difference between a disabled person and non-disabled ones. They behave quite normally, as if they even don’t see any physical distinction. And it is so delicious!!


Wish all be in the third group

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world of disability
world of disability

Hi. I live in IRAN and I am both writer and translator. I am a physical disable and here I try to share my experiences as well as circumstances of those like me in Iran society

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