World of Cryptoids Battle Master Training Camp #03

[ Battle Master Training Camp #03 ] Three More Tips for Cryptoids Battling!

By T Block | World of Cryptoids | 4 Apr 2022

Your battling skills must be much improved after learning the four tips from the first Battle Master Training Camp. But why stop here? You are not coming to Cryptoidia just to be another average Joe after all, aren’t you? We don’t think so either, so we are bringing you extra Cryptoids battling tips for you to hone your battling skills, and maybe one day become a true Battle Master.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Mindful of Targeting and Positioning

Even if you breed the right Cryptoids and use the right abilities, without hitting the right target, chances are you are still going to get whacked by your opponents. It goes without saying that landing the right attack on the right target is essential to scoring your victory in Cryptoidia.

Targeting on World of Cryptoids sounded simple on paper: Your attack will hit the first target in the frontline, then the next target available on the next row, and so on. Of course, you can pretty much expect the enemy’s attack will follow this logic. In fact, you can manipulate damage taken with this knowledge in mind.

For starters, it is wise to put your Tank on the frontline to soak up damage and let your squishy sit on the backline to deal damage at a safe distance. This should be the fundamental formation of your Cryptoids team.

However, you might also want to sprinkle some variation into your team formation depending on the Cryptoids you have. For instance, if you are adding an extra off-tank within your team, you can put it alongside the same row of your main tank. So it can share the damage with your main tank, increasing the longevity of your frontline.

But how does targeting work when there are two or more Cryptoids in the same row? The targeting will be randomised instead! In other words, if you put two Cryptoids in the same role, there will be a 50% chance your opponent is not hitting the target they are aiming for. Especially if your opponent is hoping to land abilities on specific targets., i.e. specific race (Infinite Shell), priority (Will To Fight), conditions (Out Of Fune), etc.


A carefully arranged formation can devastate your opponent's strategy without using any ability on your side! Yet, a duo frontline formation can also be a double-edged sword that might swing your game. 

For instance, since the targeting is randomised for the same row, you cannot predict the damage each of your Cryptoids is taking either. 

If one of your Cryptoids is, unfortunately, taking all the hits in the same turn, the energy and ability you used up for that specific Cryptoids might go to waste as it will most likely get knocked down by the opponents. 

Therefore, you should pick your ability carefully and wisely if you are utilizing the duo-frontline formation.

Altering Target to Bypass Tank

The duo-frontline formation seems impenetrable on paper, after all, randomised targeting really jeopardizes a lot of strategies we now know and are familiar with. However, there are some abilities that give you a way to manoeuvre around it, namely, target altering abilities.

Since the abilities played in the same round will land on the same target. Therefore, you can play a target altering card to funnel the rest of your abilities to the desired target, as long as you can fulfill the requirement of that card. Here are some of the examples:

Earrings Throw will ensure your Cryptoids’ abilities will always hit the furthest target of the enemy group. So you can pair this with hard-hitting moves to knock out enemy backlines with one swing.


Detour can skip the closest target if there are 2 or more enemies remaining. Unlike Earring Throws, this card has the potential to hit the middle row, where some players tend to put their healer in. This way you can snipe off their middle row and caught the enemy off guard.


Last Miracle: Your Last Resort

Last Miracle is a temporary state your Cryptoid has a chance to enter when taking a knockout blow. Within Last Miracle, your Cryptoid can endure the pain and land two extra attacks before fainting. If your Cryptoid takes any hit during the Last Miracle, it will immediately go down, regardless of Shield value. 

The probability of entering the Last Miracle will be increased by two factors: Luck and Not overkilling your opponent.

Luck is simple to understand, the higher Luck your Cryptoid has, the higher chance of it getting into the Last Miracle state. On the other hand, not overkilling is a bit tricky. Basically, if you can manage to defeat enemies with precise strikes (less exceeding damage), your chance of entering Last Miracle will increase.

In other words, with enough skills and luck (pun intended), the Last Miracle might just score you the victory by one critical swing!

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