The price of Bitcoin reached $ 10,380!

The price of Bitcoin reached $ 10,380!

By ... | World of Crypto | 2 Jun 2020

After months of trying to reach $ 10,000, bitcoin has finally broken that strong resistance level to $ 10,380 today.

The price increase is due to recent protests in the United States over the death of a black man, George Floyd, by Minneapolis police. Bitcoin prices rose sharply after Trump mobilized National Guard and local police forces to disperse protesters in front of the White House.

Over the past month, the price of Bitcoin has been in the range of $ 8600 to $ 10,000, and it has finally been able to break this important psychological resistance. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 300, down about $ 100,81.

Altcoins, meanwhile, rose as the top digital currency rose. The Atrium is priced at $ 250, which is currently trading at a slightly lower $ 247. The XRP, which has risen to $ 0.21, has regained the position of the third digital currency that Tetra has taken over and is currently ranked third in terms of market value.

Among the top 20 digital currencies, Stellar rose more than 9 percent to $ 0.07, the highest price ever. This increase in the price of bitcoin has led to an increase in the price of all digital currencies and the greening of the market. Cardano has also been able to take the place of the top ten digital currencies from Tezos. data shows that more than $ 80 million in credit sales status has been criticized in BitMex alone. These loan sales have been criticized for an hour, and these numbers are only for Bitmax, not other Margin exchanges.

Novgoratz, a Bitcoin investor and analyst, said a reduction in government reserves due to debt could quickly lead to Bitcoin upgrades. This reflects the comments of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Paul Todor Jones, a well-known billionaire who said that increasing government spending would make Bitcoin better.

Bitcoin is slowly advancing and will soon exceed $ 10,000. All the tensions in the United States are exacerbating this. Budgets are being spent in one direction. Bitcoin will rise sharply when it crosses the $ 10,000 mark. Enter this field.

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