Elrond invites hackers to test blockchain network stress

Elrond invites hackers to test blockchain network stress

By ... | World of Crypto | 3 Jun 2020

Blockchain Elrond has invited hackers to attack its network during the upcoming stress test. According to the announcement on June 2, the Elrond stress test will include a variety of different attacks on the network. According to Elrond CEO Benjamin Mancho, all successful efforts will be rewarded.
Benjamin Mancho, CEO of Elrond, explained:

As long as the law or privacy of the participants is not violated (such as DDoS attacks, user hijacking, theft of Quinn, double spending spending, extraction of new Quinns, etc.), any action that disables the network is permissible. We will reward any successful attempt to carry out these attacks.

The Elrond blockchain becomes a cyber battlefield
According to the announcement, the stress test will turn the Elrond test network into a virtual battlefield. The event includes a $ 40,000 pool pool to encourage participation in stress testing prior to the launch of the main network. After the test, participants receive $ 20,000 to receive the network's native token (ERD). In addition, another $ 20,000 will be allocated to the networking of ninety main network operators, which will be distributed over the next year. Manchu said the stress test would include several network startups and Howard Fork. The event will take place on June 4, and after its completion, the final preparations for the launch of the main network will begin:

This test is the last and most important step before setting up the main Elrond network. After this experiment, we will provide a powerful and efficient network. This is a remarkable step, and if Elrond continues to work without interruption for 15 days, then it will be ready to run.

A way to test reliability
Sometimes stress testing is used to check the reliability of blockchain networks in unbalanced conditions. An example of this experiment was the BCH test in early September 2018. In this event, the BitcoinCash network processed 2.1 million transactions in 24 hours.

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