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Do We Choose Cats Or Do Cats Choose Us?

By Neo77 | World of Cats & Dogs | 19 Feb 2023


Today I will try to give you an answer to the eternal question do we choose cats or do cats choose us? So let's begin with our journey a little more in the past.   We have known since ancient times that CATS are spiritual ANIMALS. The ancient Egyptians still worshiped them and gave them the significance of divinity, and anyone who killed a CAT, intentionally or accidentally, would be executed. You had the opportunity to read about it in this blog post about ancient Egyptian mythology and CATS.   

History tells us that CATS have always been associated with humans and were often portrayed as human equals. Due to their intuition and psychic powers, they were used in various rituals. They have attributed the epithet of spiritual ANIMALS and symbols of high energy, which is why they were often persecuted in the Middle Ages. CATS use their spirituality and intuition when choosing their owners. So it's the CATS who choose us, not us them because they almost always select people with an energy similar to theirs, that of a cat. This is precisely what we humans do.  

CATS are generally considered wise animals. This is, among other things, because they have the ability to constantly maintain a high level of energy, so if you are the owner of these beautiful creatures, it will probably affect your higher level of energy and new leadership in your life. I already talked about the benefits that CATS do to people in one of the posts on this blog:  TOP EIGHT PETS BEST FOR THE HUMAN MENTAL HEALTH  

I will just emphasize that there are countless cases in which people react negatively to therapists, and for the sake of good mental health, CATS are recommended to them (CATS, among other things, reduce stress). CATS are also associated with legends.   

Some of them state that you will have long-term bad luck in the field of finance if the cat turns her back on you, or you reject it when it comes to you...   

However, these are just legends that most of us do not believe in, but we like to listen to them like fairy tales, which our grandmothers would tell us in our childhood. The fact is that there are numerous professional studies conducted, on why CATS are more inclined toward some people, while others dislike them and avoid them widely.  The conclusion was drawn from them, that CATS choose "their people", only if they deserve it, while, for example, DOGS will adapt to their owner.

I can confirm this from my own experience. Namely, during my life, I had and still have CATS. They somehow always came to me.    The latest such experience is precisely our little angel, the kitten Leo, who chose our car in order to hide from the cold in the run-up to Christmas and thus brighten up our Christmas: A HAPPY CATSMAS FAIRY TALE  

I questioned myself for a long time, why ME? And then I realized that it was the previously mentioned energy that connected us, just as my little one and my other CATS radiate similar energy.        

"We take care of our pets as for ourselves."    

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My name is Teo and I come from Croatia, Europe and I am a bloger and influencer. My niche is pets especialy cats and dogs AND OF COURSE CRYPTO!

World of Cats & Dogs
World of Cats & Dogs

Hello everybody, This blog is dedicated to all those cat and dog owners that love their pets and enjoy their company and most important of all to people that love to read and learn new things about their four-legged friends. I hope that I will cover all the topics about cats and dogs and of course the topics about CRYPTO and that you will be happy to read this blog. All your comments are welcome because the comments, good or bad, always help to improve my writing. Enjoy!

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