The type of hat hackers and the way they work!

By NIl25 | World Mystery | 8 May 2022

Hackers can be divided into different categories depending on the type of work. Diversity is one of the characteristics of hackers. The type of hacker is determined by considering the owner's relationship with the hacked system. Many times hackers and network system owners work together. This means that the hacker has legitimate permission to use the network or hack.

Conversely, the owner of the network system may have nothing to do with the hacker. This means, they do not have valid permission to enter the network system. They hack network systems illegally.

With this in mind, hackers can be classified into several types. So, below are some of the types of hackers and how they work. Let's take a look at the types of hackers and their types of work.


  • Black Hat Hacker
    • The worst and scariest hacker among hackers is the Black Hat Hacker. Seeing them is the same as seeing a villain in a movie.
      They can violate any limit for their benefit. You can imagine them in this way, wearing black hats and black suits and trying to enter the network system after wearing a horrible hacker mask on their face or trying to harm an organization.
      There is no such thing as humanity in them, they will never find a place in the ranks of good people. If they ever hacked a system or hacked someone's system, you can't imagine how much damage they would do.
      The tasks of a black hat hacker are:
      • Sends phishing messages. Phishing is a type of fraudulent attack that will steal important information which you may or may not know. Looking at that link or message, it looks like it came from a legitimate site.
      • Cyber-attacks continue on network systems. Enters the network system illegally to cause harm.
      • Steals important personal information or important institutional information. They also sell information to other people or organizations. In many cases, they also blackmail the organization from which they have stolen. Blackmails through ransomware. Ransomware is a software that is malicious software. It blocks access to a person's computer. As a result, the victim is forced to pay. Failure to do so may result in permanent loss of data or an increase in ransom fees.
      • They do not shy away from financial fraud with individuals or organizations.


  • White Hat Hacker
    • You may have heard the name White Hat Hacker. They are the kind of hackers who can be compared to movie heroes. The best of all hackers and all the good qualities seem to exist among them. These are the complete opposite characters of Black Hat Hacker.
      They are very efficient at work. Their job is to compete with the villains. They positively use their skills and never do anything illegal. When a black hat hacker launches a cyber attack on a system of a person or organisation, the job of the white hat hacker is to protect the system and information of the person and organisation from their attack. White hat hackers can be referred to as ethical hackers. They operate with the permission of the owner of a network system. They always work legally and do not violate legal limits.
    • The tasks of a black hat hacker are:
      • When a network system or application is initially created, it has several bugs or vulnerabilities. This allows hackers to easily hack the network system or application. Before a cybercriminal finds out about a mistake or a weakness, he must find out and correct it.
      • Take all necessary steps to ensure full security of the network system from cyber attacks.
      • Create the necessary tools to ensure the security of the network system. For example- creating malware, anti-virus and firewall etc.


  • Grey Hat Hacker
    • Grey hat hacker's work is a bit different. They can be placed between Black Hat Hacker and White Hat Hacker. There are many differences in their activities. Although grey hat hackers enter or hack into network systems without the owner's permission, they are not intended to harm the network system or harm the owner at all. Grey hat hackers do this to gain the owner's attention or for financial gain.
      They find out the weaknesses of the network system and report it to the owner, and the owner seeks justice for himself and wants to be hired to fix the bugs. As a result, if the employer hires them, they get a legitimate job. In return, they take money as remuneration.
    • The tasks of a black hat hacker are:
      • Finding and fixing weaknesses or bugs in any network system or application.
      • Recommends appropriate solutions for any network system vulnerabilities or bugs.
      • Increases cyber security to protect network systems from cyber attacks.


  • Red Hat Hacker
    • Another type of hacker is known as Red Hat Hacker. They usually roam the network system illegally or in the wrong way. But their motives are not bad at all. They have good intentions to protect individuals and organizations from cyber attacks.
      That's why, they share their thoughts with white hat hackers and often work together. They use every means at their disposal to create security measures against cyber attacks, which means that they ensure security even if they violate the law. They do not shy away from following illegal paths to ensure security.
    • The tasks of a black hat hacker are:
      • Many times black hat hackers plan for cyber attacks. To thwart their plan, Red Hat Hacker enters the network system of Black Hat Hacker.
      • Activates the tools needed to ward off ill hackers. For example, launches malware and anti-virus.
      • Take steps to ensure the security of cyber attack systems and system information.


  • Blue Hat hacker
    • Many of us may have heard of Blue Hat Hacker. Some may not have heard. There are two types of blue hat hackers.
    • The main task of Blue Hat hackers is to take revenge. If a network system or application is hacked, it is the Blue Hat hackers who take action against those who hacked the system. They never work for fame or fortune. When a system is harmed by acknowledging hacking or is being wronged by others, they take revenge by taking the necessary steps.

      A blue hat hacker never gives up until full revenge is taken, that is, a blue hat hacker does not hesitate to violate the limits to humiliate and embarrass the bad hackers.
      A blue hat hacker is extremely skilled at his job. As a result, they are often called upon to find out the weaknesses of the network system. They are also invited by different organizations. They also independently specialize in their cyber security skills.
      If you want to ensure the cyber security of your network system, then a blue hat hacker is the right person you can hire. They launch a type of attack on a network system with the owner's permission for cyber security and find out the vulnerabilities and fix it.

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