Microsoft Teams Update to stop notification blast!

By NIl25 | World Mystery | 19 Nov 2021

Microsoft is working on a new feature for the Collaboration Platform team. This feature will help solve remote work problems.
According to a new post on the product roadmap, the Microsoft team will soon give users tighter control over their Activities feed notifications. According to Microsoft, users can change the type of notifications shown in the Activity Feed if they wish. You can turn on / off all feedback by right-clicking on the feed item. On the other hand, you can choose the apps from which you want to get notifications. Microsoft's new feature is currently being developed. The preview will roll out later this month and will be open to users in December.


Microsoft Team Notifications

There has been a lot of talk about the effects of remote work on business, culture, and mental health since the epidemic began. Some remote workers say they feel pressured to work outside of the traditional time. It affects their work-life balance. On the other hand, switching to digital means of communication (via email, text chat, or video conferencing) has plunged people into a storm of notifications.

Microsoft's latest team update allows users to decide for themselves what kind of alert they want to receive. Notifications can be customized through another feature. Team users can turn off notifications during meetings. Users can turn off notifications during all meetings or on a per-meeting basis if they wish. Microsoft is aware of the detrimental effects of notifications on both human productivity and well-being. This issue is being rectified as a result of the latest team update.

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