Ivory Coast Eases Some Lockdown Restrictions

Ivory Coast Eases Some Lockdown Restrictions

Announcing "satisfactory results" and no new cases "in the interior of the country since April 21st", President Alassane Ouattara of Ivory Coast announced on live television the easing of some lockdown restrictions, but warned that "we have not yet won the battle". The president stated that the decision was reached after discussions with government and health officials primarily on the state of the nation's economy.


With the new easing of lockdowns, bars and restaurants in all province except the city of Abidjan will be reopened, gatherings of up to 200 people will be allowed provided social distancing rules are followed, and curfew will start at 23:00 local time as opposed to 21:00. Meanwhile, bars and restaurants in Abidjan will be closed until at least May 15th, 2020, and reopening will depend on the Covid-19 situation.


As of now, Ivory Coast has confirmed at least 1,600 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus alongside 20 Covid-19-related deaths.    


Note: The statistics and numbers from this article were retrieved from Johns Hopkins University (https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality) and Ivory Coast's ministry of health (http://www.gouv.ci/_actualite-article.php?recordID=11083), and are accurate as of 10:22 local time (Vancouver, BC), May 9th, 2020. The first two photos are from the public domain and can be used for even commercial purposes without attribution or further citation while the last photo is a photo I personally took. 

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