An Update on the Covid-19 Pandemic - Focus on Europe

An Update on the Covid-19 Pandemic - Focus on Europe

An estimated 6,065 are dead as 162,687 people worldwide have tested positive for the Covid-19 (Sars-CoV-2) coronavirus. Though the pandemic started in China, daily new cases there have dropped to single figures. Europe is currently one of the most impacted regions in the world. Below is just a brief update on several nations in Europe.   



Italy has recorded 1,809 deaths and a total of nearly 25,000 cases. It is one of the world's most heavily affected nations after China. The nation is currently in a state of lockdown as people's movements are restricted and all stores aside from food stores and pharmacies have been ordered to close.  



A total of 288 deaths and over 7,700 infections have been confirmed in Spain. Citizens have been banned from leaving home except to purchase essential supplies, food, medicine, or to go to work.  



In the past day, the death toll of France increased by 29, bringing the total to 120. As of now, France has about 5,400 infections. Cafes, movie theaters, restaurants, and most shops have been closed.  


United Kingdom

The UK has recorded a total of 35 deaths. There are 1,372 confirmed cases so far. Meanwhile, the government stated that it will hold daily televised press conferences to bring the most up-to-date information to the public.  



Germany has imposed control on its borders with Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland in an attempt to reduce Covid-19 transmission. According to German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, borders will close at 08:00 local time on Monday, though goods will continue to flow between nations. As of now, there are at least 4,585 cases of infection along with 9 deaths.  


Republic of Ireland

Ireland has 169 confirmed cases and 2 deaths from Covid-19. In addition to banning mass gatherings, the government has asked pubs and bars to shut down until March 29th to help reduce the spread of the virus.  


Czech Republic

People will only be allowed to go to and from work and to purchase food and medicine. Prime Minister Andrej Babis proposed to put the nation under quarantine after at least 231 cases have been confirmed.  



Switzerland stated that there are about 2,200 cases of Covid-19 in the nation, and a grand total of 14 deaths so far. Starting Monday, schools and higher education facilities will be closed until April 3rd, though this may be extended depending on the circumstances.


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