YouTube blogger seems to figure out who Satoshi Nakamoto is

By World Crypto | World Crypto | 3 Jun 2020

It may well be a British cryptographer with a doctorate in computer science. He was the first to create Hashcash, the verification system that Bitcoin uses. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to contact him in 2008 after the blockchain launched.


Footprints lead to Adam Beck

More recently, YouTube channel Barely Sociable released a sensational 40-minute video that argues that the British cryptographer Adam Back could be the real creator of bitcoin. According to the authors of the video, they managed to get irrefutable evidence that this particular person participated in the development of the Bitcoin blockchain. One of the main arguments is the creation of a Hashcash Bitcoin verification system.

Beck himself completely denies his involvement in the creation of crypto coins. In a telephone interview for Bloomberg, he stated the following:

“It is generally believed that the founder of Bitcoin is not known because many people have hierarchical thinking. If you read about technology, you are trying to figure out who the CEO of the company is and people want to ask him questions. Since bitcoin is more like digital gold, you would not want gold to have a founder. It’s even very good that Satoshi Nakamoto is staying away from the public. This allows Bitcoin to maintain the perception that it is a commodity. ”

At the same time, Beck himself admitted that he owns an impressive amount of bitcoins and does not sell them. He is confident that in the next five years, Bitcoin will grow to a mark of $ 100,000, even without acceptance by state authorities. According to him, the main drivers of the BTC price will remain retail investors who have “carried the Bitcoin torch” for the past 10 years.

To prove his theory, he provides information on the purchase of Grayscale Investments over the past few weeks, more bitcoins than the number of new coins mined. Beck claims that Bitcoin has proven to be an investment asset, especially during COVID-19. According to him, real estate investments, securities become risky and overvalued, and crisis situations make people think about the value of money, as well as methods for saving and multiplying them. An effective way can be to invest in cryptocurrencies.

“This may not require additional institutional adoption, because the current environment makes more people think about hedging. And cost preservation, when a lot of money is printed around the world, ”Beck said.

If not Beck, then who?


However, not all agree with the assumption that the real Satoshi Nakamoto is Adam Beck. For example, earlier according to the statements of American sociologist, philosopher and discoverer in the field of information technology Ted Nelson, a Japanese citizen Shinichi Motizuki may be hiding under the name Satoshi. As proof of his assumption, Nelson draws a parallel between the published Bitcoin documentation and the mathematical achievements of Mochizuki.

Nelson draws attention to the fact that Nakamoto did not advertise his work in traditional scientific fields, but used the Internet. In the same way, in 2012, Mochizuki published a paper of great importance regarding a mathematical theory called the abc hypothesis.


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