The term "HODL" is seven years old

By World Crypto | World Crypto | 19 Dec 2020

Yesterday, the term "HODL", which has become popular in the cryptocurrency community, was exactly 7 years old.

On December 18, 2013, after the market fell, one of the Bitcointalk users created the “I AM HODLING” thread, making a typo in the title of the discussion (correctly “I AM HOLD”).

He wrote then:

“There are good traders who know how to catch lows and drain on the highs, and I'm a bad trader. And I'm not the type to sell my bitcoins to good traders in a panic. That's why HODL. "

The crypto community quickly picked up a new word, and since then HODL means "hold cryptocurrency, don't sell".

I pay tribute to the HODL strategy - it helped many to survive the harsh crypto winter and "be on the horse"

Are you a hodler? or do you prefer trading more? or maybe you can do both? write in the comments!

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