Major crypto events in November

By World Crypto | World Crypto | 7 Nov 2020

In the coming month, several events will take place on the cryptocurrency market at once, which can affect both the value of individual assets and the market as a whole.

12 november 2020

Stratis STRAT: Mainnet Launch


The Stratis blockchain, powered by the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, was created as a competitor to Ethereum and NEO. The mainnet launch is scheduled for November 12. Also, the exchange of STRAT tokens for STRAX tokens, which started on October 15, is timed to coincide with this event. The exchange will last until October 16, 2021, after which all unclaimed STRAX tokens will be "burned".

What can be affected:

Strat Price

15 november 2020

Bitcoin Cash BCH: Hard Fork



The next Bitcoin Cash hard fork is scheduled for November 15. It may split into two separate blockchains. This is due to the fact that the developers of Bitcoin Cash ABC decided to increase the commission for miners to 8% per mined block, which caused a split among the community members. If the chain splits after the hard fork, the new one will be called Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN).

Many exchanges have already announced their support for the upcoming hard fork. For example, the Binance platform has supported miners and will consider the main chain of Bitcoin Cash Node. To get coins on the new blockchain, you need to keep Bitcoin Cash ABC tokens on your wallet or on any exchange that has declared support for the hard fork.

Let me remind you that Bitcoin Cash is a fork of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the separation of the two chains occurred on August 1, 2017. Later in 2018, Bitcoin Cash split into 2 more chains - Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV.

What can be affected:

Bitcoin Cash Price

November 17

Zcash ZEC: Halving the reward




In the Zcash blockchain, halving occurs every 840,000 blocks mined, or approximately every 4 years. Initially, the reward for the mined block was 12.5 ZEC, and after the upcoming halving it will decrease to 3.125 ZEC. The main task of halving is to control the emission of cryptocurrency and curb its inflation. Unlike fiat money, the total supply of cryptocurrencies is limited: no more coins can be issued than originally set in the cryptocurrency code.

What can be affected:

Zcash price

November 19

Golem GNT: Token Migration


On November 19, the exchange of GNT tokens for new tokens of the ERC-20 standard starts, which is necessary for the functioning of the New Golem blockchain. After the launch of the New Golem mainnet, the old GNT token will no longer be supported by the developers. There is no end date for the exchange process, so users can take their time.

Also, the developers of Golem Factory announced that they would provide a user interface for easy exchange and warned that they would only announce the name of the new ticker on launch day. This is done in order to prevent scammers from misleading Golem users. The name of the new ticker will appear on the exchange day on the developer blog (




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