Crypto race: the most profitable and unprofitable assets of green April 2020!

By World Crypto | World Crypto | 1 May 2020

A new month has begun, which means it's time to take a look at how the previous month ended for the leading cryptocurrencies. And there is something to look at! April has become so successful that it’s even hard to find “losers”.

Large assets went up by a double-digit percentage, with only two red coins in the top 100, and twelve in the top 200. Overall, it was a very good month in the crypto industry.


After a rather bloody March, a bullish surge occurred in April. Bitcoin annulled the collapse of Black Thursday, during which the leading asset depreciated by almost 50%.

Nevertheless, analysts at the large Kraken crypto exchange warn users that it is necessary to pay attention to the possible surrender of miners and / or hodlers, the catalyst of which could be a developing economic crisis.

The effectiveness of the top 10 coins in April 2020


All coins in this category have risen significantly in price (excluding stablecoin USDT). Tezos (XTZ) was the leader with an increase of 77%, followed by ETH, as well as BNB, whose rate rose by 59% and 42% respectively.

The largest coin by market capitalization ranks fourth in this list, its price rose by 37%. The remaining representatives of the top 10 went up by 21–29%, with the exception of BCH, which turned out to be the “most inefficient” asset (+ 16%).

April's 10 most profitable crypto assets among the top 50 coins


Expanding the boundaries of analysis and considering the top 50 coins by market capitalization, it can be noted that compiling a green list is no longer difficult. Unlike the March list, in which there was the only coin that went up in price, April looks super optimistic. At the very top in this category is Digibyte (DGB) with an increase of 240%. Most of the other coins on this list rose in price from 59% to 77%, and even the tenth-placed ATOM asset grew by 45%.

The 10 most unprofitable crypto assets of April among the top 50 coins


This time the red list turned out to be a surprise. If we do not take into account stable coins, we get only more expensive coins. This means that we are looking for those assets that have grown less than others. Several coins with an increase of more than 20% meet this criterion, among which there are three representatives of the top 10: Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (BСH). The LEO cryptocurrency brought its owners only 1.95% of the profit.

Profitable / unprofitable assets from the top 100/200

It's time to consider the top 100 by market capitalization. There is one leader who leaves all competitors far behind: Вloomzed Token has risen in price, attention, by 1799%. The following four coins on the list boast a 3-percent growth rate: Hyperion (HYN) + 350%, the already mentioned Digibyte (DGB), then Aave (LEND) with a 125 percent jump in rate and HIVE. The remaining most effective representatives of the top 100 have risen in price from 79% to 83%. There are only two really cheap coins in the top 100 red list - these are Sologenic (SOLO) and Playfuel (PLF).

In the top 200 largest cryptocurrencies, BZT and HYN remain leaders. After that, the rating changed a little: Band Protocol (BAND) in third place with an increase of 303%, and CGCX (CGCX) in fourth (+ 264%). The almost doubled cryptocurrency Maid Safe Coin (MAID) is in tenth place (+ 95%). In the top 200 there are only twelve red coins in April. The SOLO asset is at the top of this anti-rating, followed by Gaps (GAP) with a 36% correction and Yap Stone (YAP) with a 34% drop. The next three coins depreciated in the range between 11% and 14%, and the remaining five remained virtually unchanged in value (their correction was 1% -3%).


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