Crypto Race: The Most Profitable and Losing Coins of July 2020

By World Crypto | World Crypto | 8 Aug 2020

The crypto market surprises us every time towards the end of the month, although not always positively. However, July ended on an optimistic note.

We can say that a mini-revival took place in July. After several weeks of calm, the market rushed up. Analysts note that the bulls took a break before continuing the rally. Perhaps this is true, as very few coins ended the month in the red zone.

Effectiveness of top 10 coins in July 2020


By the end of the month, Bitcoin first rose from $ 9,000 to $ 10,000, and then to $ 11,000. In the first days of August, the level of $ 12,000 was tested, after which there was a crash of $ 2,500 in a few minutes.

Altcoins have not lagged behind. Ethereum (ETH) broke the $ 300 mark and tested the next psychological level of $ 400. In fact, ETH has become the most efficient asset in the top 10 largest coins by capitalization.

At the end of July, many leading coins, such as ETH, XRP, ADA, BSV, rose in price by more than 50%.

10 most profitable crypto assets in July among the top 50 coins


In the top 50 coins by market capitalization, the leader is Elrond (ERD). In second place is the Aave token (LEND), which was also one of the winners in June. These assets have risen in price by more than 200% and 100%, respectively.

There are three top 10 representatives in this category. On average, green listed coins have risen in price by 50-80%.

Chainlink (LINK) price has grown by almost 65% despite the fact that the Zeus Capital team conducted a campaign to discredit the project.

10 most losing crypto assets in July among the top 50 coins


The past month was so successful that only two coins were on the red list: Hedgetrade (HEDGE) fell slightly (3.5%), and Ampleforth (AMPL) lost more than half of its price.

For comparison, in June in this category there was not a single asset that went up in price.

Ampleforth gained attention after it became the most efficient cryptocurrency in the top 50 by mid-July. As a result, negative volatility appeared in the altcoin market.

Profitable / unprofitable assets of July from the top 100

Band Protocol (BAND) is the green-listed leader among the 100 largest coins, having risen in price by almost 270%. This is followed by Elrond and Advanced Internet Blocks (AIB), which gained more than 100%.

Nine coins from the top 100 have depreciated in July. The already mentioned AMPL asset (and again on the first place) got into this list. The second place is taken by The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG), and the four losers are closed by Verge (XVG) and Quant (QNT) - and all of these altcoins have depreciated two-digit percentages. The prices of the rest of the red-listed coins have adjusted by less than 4%.


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