What are the best low - cost alternatives at Bitcoin?

What are the best low - cost alternatives at Bitcoin?

By BitMarian | World crypto news | 26 Oct 2019


Usually when we hear about cryptocurrencies the first one that comes to mind is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular criptocurrency and with greater value in the world, but many defects are:

  • Excessive difficulties in extracting BTC  blocks;
  • Fees that increase monthly;
  • Too slow transactions.

On the Web there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies (many of them are shitcoin or stablecoin) and some of them can be a viable and economic alternative to bitcoin.


The Litecoin is a digital currency based on blockchain Technology (very similar to Bitcoin), born 7 October 2011 and, created by Charles Lee. It is a peer - to - peer decentralized criptocurrency, and the maximum value achieved by Litecoin is $322.

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The Bitcoin cash (BCH) was created in July 2017 to solve some problems of Bitcoin such as the sluggish transactions and the hard blocks to extract. 

It has a speed of 8mb for transactions, unlike Bitcoin, which only has 1mb.

Its purpose is to permit more transactions at the same time and to be used for daily transactions.

The maximum value is set at $3,346.

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3- Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralized Web 3.0 platform for the creation and publication of peer-to-peer Smart contracts. ( Smart contracts are cyber  protocols that facilitate the execution of a contract).

To be in the peer - to - peer network ethereum contracts pay a sum for the computational power through ether token. The token is therefore a cryptocurrency that a "fuel” for the smart contracts.

The ether was first sold with a pre - sale in 2014 and bought ETH for a value of about 31 bitcoins.

The highest value is 1,339,06 $ (13/01/2018).

4- EOS

Eos is a Blockchain platform that is similar to ethereum, which allow the development of large - scale decentralized applications (dapps).

It is very similar to an operating system to enable developers and investors to create app and invest in total freedom and security. It is also easier to use to create programmes if you are a beginner programmer.

The platform is developed by the black one company and was launched for the first time on June 1,2018.

To Perform trade with easier on the platform, a cryptocurrency called EOS is used.

At the beginning, Eos was a token erc20 and leaned on the blockchain of ethereum. Eos is also based on the delegate proof of stake which is safer and more efficient.

The maximum value is 18.84 $( 29/04/18) and currently has a low value to buy a unit (an average of 3.50 $) which is a good reason for making a long - term investment.

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