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Hi I am Marian. I write Blogs and Article Related to Cryptocurrency, blockchain , Technology and ways to earn crypto.

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How to make grow your Stellar (XLM)

8 Nov 2019 1 minute read 0 comments BitMarian

What are the Stellar Lumens ? Stellar is a cryptocurrency born to facilitate and reduce the cost of money transfer to various currencies around the world.His technology is based on Blockchain and was founded in 2014 da a nonprofit organization called...

How to earn Paypal money with tiktok

31 Oct 2019 1 minute read 2 comments BitMarian

Tiktok recently launched a new program that earns money on the ground by making simple task as watching videos or inviting friends. The app will give $5 for referral immediately via the cable. Also, on the record, if you put this code 6641368 you wil...

Is it a good idea to get paid in cryptocurrencies?

29 Oct 2019 1 minute read 6 comments BitMarian

Cryptocurrences are increasingly  famous Cryptocurrencies in recent years are increasingly being more popular and are increasingly acquaintance. The most famous of all will be? The BAT? Of course not, the most famous chryphotocurrency is Bitcoin. BIT...

How and where to find new referrals for your sites

28 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments BitMarian

 You're looking for a group on telegram where you can share your links, referral and find out new business? With Crypto & referral help you can share the referral link for your favorite business or find out about new ones! The group will be able to:•...

What are the best low - cost alternatives at Bitcoin?

26 Oct 2019 2 minute read 2 comments BitMarian

Introduction  Usually when we hear about cryptocurrencies the first one that comes to mind is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular criptocurrency and with greater value in the world, but many defects are: Excessive difficulties in extracting BTC  blo...

How to earn free Ripple (XRP)

25 Oct 2019 1 minute read 4 comments BitMarian

Free XRP ? Online there are many faucet and sites that make cryptocurrencies (usually btc, Bch, LTC, Doge etc) by making simple actions such as watching proposed advertising etc. It is rare to find a site that pays in ripple (xrp). Thanks to EarnYour...

Bitcoin is falling more and more.

23 Oct 2019 1 minute read 4 comments BitMarian

This morning, bitcoin broke the resistance of 8.000$ The Bitcoin, unfortunately has broken the resistance of 8.000$ in the last few hours. It seems like he doesn't want to get up and back to the 10.000$ as a few weeks ago. At 12:40, bitcoin got down...

Monthly analysis Bitcoin. Price collapsed, why?

17 Oct 2019 1 minute read 2 comments BitMarian

There are those who say that cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoin) are financial bubbles and that the price can go from 0 to 100.000,00 €... well they don't have all the wrong. In the last month, bitcoin has been increased from the value of 10.258.00...

How and why the Bitcoin was born

14 Oct 2019 2 minute read 1 comment BitMarian

Introduction Everyone talks about it, many say it's a financial bubble because of its volatile value, others think it s a miracle of technology or even the new digital gold. Many times are associated with drug and weapons traffic on darkweb or other...

What happens to the Bitcoin seized by the police?

11 Oct 2019 1 minute read 2 comments BitMarian

Digital seizures Police have always sequestred weapons, drug ,money and other goods to the wicked, but for a few years with the increasingly widespread use of Bitcoin, they have also been seized by the police. Many times, bitcoin seized came from ill...


How to Earn Almost Any Cryptocurrency for Free

6 Nov 2019 paleredsteel

06 November 2019
Bel post ! Mi sembra di essere stato invitato da te a usare earncrypto.

Ricetto Comic-Con 2019

2 Nov 2019 dexpartacus

03 November 2019
Ho sempre voluto andare al lucca comics ma non ne ho mai avuto la possibilità pur abitando nella Toscana

Is Bitcoin the new Gold?

2 Nov 2019 SamBTC

02 November 2019
Nice post I think bitcoin is a good alternative at gold

Is it a good idea to get paid in cryptocurrencies?

29 Oct 2019 BitMarian

31 October 2019
Tether is s maxi scam

Is it a good idea to get paid in cryptocurrencies?

29 Oct 2019 BitMarian

29 October 2019
That would be a great idea!

XRP Could Still Be Bullish As We Get Closer to Ripple's SWELL 2019 (Plus Earn Free XRP)

24 Oct 2019 paleredsteel

27 October 2019
Nice post i’ve Tipped you. Now I’m going to try the site :)

How to earn free Ripple (XRP)

25 Oct 2019 BitMarian

27 October 2019
Wow Nice site bud! Now I’m going to try This site , but This works for Europeans people ? What do you think to follow each other ?


26 Oct 2019 gainer

26 October 2019
Nice videogame review ! I live in Rome lol, what do you think about following each other ?

Bitcoin is falling more and more.

23 Oct 2019 BitMarian

23 October 2019
Yes but isn’t a good time for who buy at 10.000$ 😂. What do you think about to follow each other?

Florentine Football

23 Oct 2019 Lloyd Duhon

23 October 2019
Ciao, italiano?

Tether and Bitfinex accused of Maxi scam and market manipulation!

19 Oct 2019 BitMarian

19 October 2019
Even that is a great scam, but if the accusations were true, they would be several million dollars stolen from investors through the Pump & dump

EUR/USD trading thought using RSI and moving average

17 Oct 2019 quintomudigo

17 October 2019
But I did not mean this, I knowPrice - buyers/sellers mechanics work I meant other factors like smart contracts, etc

EUR/USD trading thought using RSI and moving average

17 Oct 2019 quintomudigo

17 October 2019
Nice post:), do you think bitcoin will rise up?

Monthly analysis Bitcoin. Price collapsed, why?

17 Oct 2019 BitMarian

17 October 2019
Grazie purtroppo sembra non rialzarsi più questa maledetta crypto

The Wines Rose [EN-IT]

16 Oct 2019 dexpartacus

16 October 2019
Si , vicino al mare forse ma nel centro tipo in provincia di Arezzo non c’è nulla se non i campi

The Wines Rose [EN-IT]

16 Oct 2019 dexpartacus

16 October 2019
Toscana , eh si !

The Wines Rose [EN-IT]

16 Oct 2019 dexpartacus

16 October 2019
Ciao, sei italiano anche te? Che ne dici di seguirci a vicenda?bel post comunque la cucina italiana é la migliore :)

Libra is losing more and more partnerships

15 Oct 2019 BitMarian

15 October 2019

smoke price - 14-10-19

14 Oct 2019 skylinebuds

14 October 2019
The best option is buy only weed hahaha

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