How to Mine Callisto?

By Marekiaro | work&training | 27 Apr 2022




This video will help you how to start mining Callisto (CLO) coin.

You can start Callisto mining in the simplest way with this video.


HeroMiners Crypto Mining Pools

Different Pool Regions for Best Hashrate Experience

• Central Europe (Germany)

• North Europe (Finland)

• North America (Canada)

• Asia (HongKong)

• SouthEast Asia (Singapore)










In this video we show how to mine Callisto (CLO) from scratch.

Callisto Mining Pool:


STEX crypto exchange is used.

How to Register on STEX Crypto Exchange







🏦 Exchanges Where Callisto is Tradeable.


✅ SOY Finance (No KYC needed)

No minimum order amount, no withdrawal fee.


✅ 1inch (No KYC needed)

No minimum order amount, no withdrawal fee.


✅ PancakeSwap (No KYC needed)

No minimum order amount, no withdrawal fee.


Note: Manual adding the wrapped CLO coin (ccCLO) contract is required:



✅ Bitfinex (No KYC needed)

Withdrawal Fee: 1 CLO.


✅ HitBTC

Withdrawal Fee: 263 CLO.


✅ Stex

Withdrawal Fee: 100 CLO.


✅ FMFW Withdrawal Fee: 32.9 CLO.


Bitfinex provides Callisto coins (CLO) trading without KYC!






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