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Cake Farming on Soy.Finance tomorrow from 19:00 UTC

By Marekiaro | work&training | 30 Nov 2021

Less than 24 hours to go before the launch of our CAKE farm ⏰

🌱 $SOY - $CAKE
🚀 Multiplier Boost: 5x

Hight profit CAKE #YieldFarming it's tomorrow from 19:00 UTC on SOY Finance!

To learn how to transfer your tokens from #BSC to Callisto Network:



Introduction to Callisto Bridge


Callisto Bridge connects Callisto Network and the supported blockchain platforms allowing the swap of native coins and tokens from one chain to another. The assets transferred via Callisto Bridge are not moved but rather “frozen” on the native blockchain via a smart contract. Then, an equal amount of new tokens are created on the receiving blockchain. Real assets back the wrapped tokens on public addresses, so anyone can verify that a 1:1 ratio is met.  

Supported Networks:  

Callisto Network

Binance Smart Chain


Ethereum Classic  

Note: The bridge does not charge any conversion fee. However, you will have to pay the network transaction fees for both the origin and destination blockchains.  

Before Getting Started  

Before starting transferring assets via Callisto Bridge, you need to:  

Own the native coins of both blockchains to cover the transaction fees.  

Set up Metamask for Callisto Network and the network you want to transfer the assets with, a guide is available here.  

Add the tokens to your wallet to see your funds in the graphical interface.    

Transferring Assets Via Callisto Bridge


1.Navigate to and select the network from which you want to transfer the coin, “Ethereum Classic” in the example.   23859dd929b647acd74692e48f2aceacd43ed24abe54c1b133d732b54f69933a.jpg 2. Click on “Connect Wallet / Add Network”.   9f730c17bcc483b0f81fdfa41468655a656b94893da1910908ac9278d83017f8.jpg 3. Now you have to connect your wallet to Callisto Bridge, by following these steps: Select “Metamask” in the Connect Wallet menu. A Metamask pop-up window will appear, choose the wallet you want to connect to, then click “Next”. Confirm by clicking on “Connect”.   59d3fc9a632e11abc6eaa7eb3fa76fef40bf2d0abfb614ba7910782d7f1298ed.jpg 4. Click on the “Assets” menu to see the available assets.   75c01edd8d6111081c029c9a314f8c21e9e3679df4abf670a4265bfef1fe9d39.jpg 5. Select the asset you want to transfer, for the purpose of this guide we will choose “ETC”.   9655480a2f263846ed7c70c631ff2212737649fe3fcb57271a5982ddb1402e57.jpg 6. To transfer your assets, you must select the origin and destination networks. Here we will choose “Ethereum Classic” on the left (origin network) and “Callisto Network” on the right (destination network).   92201d7f3886cb21076ccc2892a6b5353885bd8dd3f3e29f15127fc518cab6f9.jpg 7. Enter the amount of asset you want to transfer, click on “Swap” and confirm the transaction on Metamask.   b282571774ccfac326a0dd702607ddb7699bccde9b6abb33e7f8bdd50064ebe4.jpg 8. Once the transfer is complete you should switch to the destination network, Callisto Network in our case, to claim your wrapped tokens. Click on the “Switch Network” button and confirm in Metamask by clicking on “Switch network”.   2f2c1590cfd056664a73bf0fd004be4d86a49b301c188da7ff1494bcade647b3.jpg 9. Click on “ Claim” and then confirm in Metamask.   8665544f1da4291fa8d861d6be0406a2ea76ef408b6922f19dce0d7e013977f3.jpg 10. Congratulation, your transaction is confirmed!   d31e56106638eca820f7c0526e6dcf5f2ec8104958a313c4e78c14ae2c511b1a.jpg 11. To view your tokens in Metamask, click on the corresponding button in “Add tokens to Metamask” and then confirm by clicking on “Add a token” in Metamask.  

📌 If you experience any difficulties during the process, please join our community on Telegram:   ​

Callisto Network Tokens Contracts Addresses Wrapped CLO (ccCLO) on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic: 0xccbf1c9e8b4f2cdf3bfba1098b8f56f97d219d53

Tokens on Callisto Network Blockchain

SOY Token contract address: 0x9FaE2529863bD691B4A7171bDfCf33C7ebB10a65

BUSDT Token contract address: 0xbf6c50889d3a620eb42C0F188b65aDe90De958c4

CLOE Token contract address: 0x1eAa43544dAa399b87EEcFcC6Fa579D5ea4A6187

CHOAM Token contract address: 0x83736D58F496afab4cF7D8453575ab59279810ec

CYT Token contract address: 0x6182d2cd59227c20B486a53976dcEeAF38e76Eed

Wrapped ETC (ccETC) on Callisto Network: 0xCCc766f97629a4E14b3af8C91EC54f0b5664A69F

Wrapped BNB (ccBNB) on Callisto Network: 0xCC78D0A86B0c0a3b32DEBd773Ec815130F9527CF

Wrapped ETH (ccETH) on Callisto Network: 0xcC00860947035a26Ffe24EcB1301ffAd3a89f910

ERC 223 Contracts Addresses

- Wrapped BNB v2 (ccBNB) on Callisto Network: 0xcCDe29903E621Ca12DF33BB0aD9D1ADD7261Ace9

- Wrapped ETH v2 (ccETH) on Callisto Network: 0xcC208c32Cc6919af5d8026dAB7A3eC7A57CD1796

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