Welcome to the Wild, Wild, World of Cannabis! (Though Cannabis is Non-Addictive, Cultivation of it Definitely Is! lol)

Welcome to the Wild, Wild, World of Cannabis! (Though Cannabis is Non-Addictive, Cultivation of it Definitely Is! lol)

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I'm new and first wanted to say to the PublishOx team, "thank you for the opportunity to beta test authorship." I greatly appreciate it and will be sure to help in any way I can. As a test platform, I'm already liking the skill involved and the functionality of the layout. Here's looking forward to great success. :)


My Life Revolves Around Cannabis

Since I was an early teen, I was aware my life was better with cannabis. Now, as I'm nearing my 50's, I'm going through the process of finding out why. Severe ADHD, mild ASD, various anxiety issues, seizures, strokes, spinal canal stenosis and, apparently, some brain wiring issues. (Wheeeeee! Right?! lol) Needless to say, people around me are not upset all the time when I'm using cannabis properly. I created this blog to share the useful information I've found along this 30+ year journey of using cannabis. Included is the information I've gained the last 15+ years, while growing cannabis indoor with hydroponics.

Cultivating Cannabis

I love growing all plants, but I have to say cannabis is an exceptional favorite in my heart. I started growing when I met my current wife, 15+ years ago. She had 6 little seedlings and I was determined to help them stay happy. 15+ years later, we've learned a lot about cannabis and even published a book together.

Everyone should be lucky enough to experience the full life cycle of the cannabis plant. From seed to harvest, the physical and aromatic changes are breathtaking. :)

Using Cannabis Medicinally

There are many ways to use cannabis, and I'll be covering many of them here. My personal preference being home made canna-pills, with a little toking throughout the day. My issues are 24/7, so it helps to be medicated 24/7. The last few years I have been using a specific strain of cannabis called Canna-Tsu, a cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami strains. This particular strain does not get me high, and increases many things for me, such as focus, mood control, memory retention, nausea control, pain control, fine and gross motor control, and many more beneifits.

The right strain for you is magic. No sleeping, confusion, tiredness or any other negative effects, only positive ones. Which strain is right for you? It comes down to finding the terpenes which are compatible with you. Some people do great with the "kush" type terpene profiles, while personally they destroy my mental functionality. I'll go into more detail in further blog posts about terpenes, strains and how they affect different people. :)

Excellent Information

I strive to provide quality information, using personal examples and outcomes. Wherever possible, I do my best to show the equipment I use, along with exactly how I use it. I've been sharing information online for over 20 years, so stick around and enjoy the show. :)

You can find me on Smoke.io, Facebook and the cannabis forums at International Cannagraphic Magazine.

Whatever You Do...

Go BE Awesome!!


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15+ Years growing cannabis with indoor hydroponics Family Man Autistic Diplomat in Training

Working With Cannabis
Working With Cannabis

Douglas Curtis shares his 15+ years of experience with cultivating cannabis, and using it medicinally in various ways. He is an autistic family man who loves life, cannabis and growing.

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