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Alien Worlds In-Human-Support

Alien Worlds NFT game

By Gwydion | universalchords | 20 Jul 2022

I am playing and discovering around 10 NFT games now, the so-called P2E (play to earn) games.

Most of the time they don't tell you, you have to invest a boatload of whatever Tokens. But o.k.

I always want to find some excitement, a thrill. Like B.B. King once sang; "The Thrill Is Gone". Well, there is no thrill in Alien Worlds.

So the only thrill at the beginning of the game is to push the mine button and collect. But within a couple of days, I was blocked without due notice, for reasons beyond ratio. They thought I mined Trillium, worth less than 1/1000 of a dollar every 45 minutes. So the game makers sent in their bot and make mining a zero undertaking. But the game maker also wants you to mine every 45 minutes... how weird. I pushed the mine button because there is a sound on your computer telling you, you can push mine again.

There is something else, the Trillium, BNB, BNC, and two wallets needed loop. While other games just run on WAX and Tokens, this Alien Worlds game makes it very complicated. To be short; if you collect your mission efforts after a week of waiting, you have to pay to collect your reward.

After the block, it took me 3 days to get unblocked again. The 1-cent bot I was supposed to use also blocked my NFT earnings. I asked for compensation for being treated like a criminal, they sent me to 'ticket' again, the runaround. I do not play games to get accused all the time, by bots!

I have said enough. This game is Draco-minded, and most of their support (cause many things to go wrong) is old-school governmental mind setting. Does anyone remember the term 'runaround'? That is old-school governmental B.S.!

My advice: For now, do not play this game, unless you love the oppressing Draco, rules regulation runaround repeaters.


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