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By Rei das Fadas | Wonderland | 8 Dec 2021

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Every story has a beginning, but what I like most is the end.


Paradise, Maldives, oasis is what the creators of the digital universe have created for us for decades, a world apart from the world in which we live, where the things of the old world that is ours, which is full of corruption and depraved things, could not be part of this new world, but as has been said, evil always finds a way to dirty the immaculate, that is, the evil of the old world also found a way to install itself here just like a computer program is installed.
And it was like this for a long time, more and more like the physical world this world was, in other words, the same ones who controlled the old world also controlled this one. Because they had even in here the control of money, information and entertainment.
Just like in the physical world there are always exceptions, those who found a way to be part of the game and they found a way to take us with them, they thought of many ways to bring us into this world and have success just like they had, they created WEB2 which is the one we still use today in part because WEB3 is already starting to take the place of WEB2 and that's good.
Before WEB2 the internet worked like the television and radio stations, a small group controlled and manipulated the information, but with the emergence of WEB2 we all became creators of content; information and leisure, for many of us this is a form of employment, an opportunity to change our lives.
but even so the issue that prevails until today is the decentralization of everything, because for a long time it seemed that nothing worked, it seemed a very distant reality, then someone thought of creating the blockchain technology but it didn't become popular, what people didn't know is that it took a global crisis for this technology to start making sense.
Based on it, today we talk about cryptocurrency, we are talking about decentralized money, without someone controlling and regulating it, so we can say that the big guys lost control of the money in the digital world and this same technology set a precedent without equal for the emergence of more thinkers wanting to decentralize everything.
From social networks to work platforms that have in their power the information of thousands of people around the globe, leaving people to deserve it because history shows us that information is power, maybe all this is behind the motivation of the creators of WEB 3, which is associated with robots manipulating and customizing the internet, making it more interactive and decentralized.
With all these principles came a group of 7 pioneers who answered the following question: how will we advertise our skills in a decentralized way?
Answer: ADSHARES IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS by decentralizing the way marketing has been viewed for decades, setting the precedent for changing the way information has been manipulated and distributed until today, using the principles of blockchain technology also known as the most secure ledger in the world, however one of the 7 leaders Jack Zemlo works to improve the technology behind blokchein and create a ledger even more secure than the most secure ledger and make it more efficient.
First of all there are many platforms where you can work and advertise your skills on the internet, but it won't be decentralized and the costs are high.
With ADS it is different, you get in direct contact with the creator and it is cheaper, not to mention that with ADS you can have a more active participation in the metaverse and you can also make money monetizing with the protocol of your own open blokchein technology and you can also advertise anywhere in the metaverse.

Decentralized systems are inclusive serves everyone and everywhere in the world.
So yes ADS is making many marketing platforms worried because it is sowing the seeds of change or they adapt or in time they will be left behind.
In WEB1 it was the big companies that created information, that is, only they created content, everything was extremely centralized.
In WEB2 very little is said of many of these large companies that previously created content, because today anyone can create content and the same are more interactive, they engaram to adapt remained in pre history, today we are heading to level 3 web3 it itself is already being formed to be as decentralized as possible with this in mind ADS is revolutionizing marketing.
It is like sowing seeds in a very fertile ground, you just have to water it.

That soil is our minds, humanity has long desired decentralized systems to which individual people could not manipulate our data, with this it is more than clear that ADSHARES is the future of marketing.
It's amazing how the platform works, edshares is also a toke and the main platforms on which you can trade this token are: Changelly PRO, PancakeSwap (V2), QuickSwap.
Take advantage and start trading Adshares right now to be using them on your platform and start marketing yourself.



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