A new way to earn (crypto) passively (simcash)

By algebr0 | algebr0 | 7 Aug 2023

Getting paid for sending the unused text messages in your mobile plan?!? scroll down for more info. And please use my referral FLMV3 🫶

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Hey folks!

It's been a while since I posted anything. I was kind of done with passive income streams for a while since:

- Ethereum mining is gone

- Rewards for brave don't exist in my country anymore

- honeygain has slashed their rewards

- Crypto lending companies have gone bust or have slashed their rates.

- card has slashed its perks (plutus is still a nice alternative, I definitely recommend it! 3% cashback and many upgrades coming )

- The price of presearch has fallen and keeps falling

- Sweatcoin, well that just keeps going down and down.

Overall I haven't seen much progress in the passive crypto income streams. I still use satsback (which has reduced its partnerships in my country), fountain for podcasting and addslice for crypto advertisements.

Something new has caught my attention: simcash. Get paid to send text messages. Do however set limits! I got my sim blocked after sending over 1000 texts in a day. Oopsie🤑. Don't get greedy and learn from these resources:

So far I was able to withdraw over a 100 euros in XRP in a couple of months. Love it👍. But again, be careful.😅

Download it now from

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I like mathematics and free stuff.


I like maths and crypto - I love free stuff!!!

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