What the Easter egg had in it …was it what you thought? Did you find your Gold ?

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 18 Apr 2022

Hello and welcome back, in this article I will just highlight what was in my vision to pay attention too. So here we go U.S. stocks dropped off and Crypto sank with it. How much wealth was lost and did you have the awareness to keep you in the Green. Natural Gas rocket to highest levels since 2008. Did you know Etsy was on Strike? Didn’t effect sales or did it compile with wealth lost if investment in Markets. And there stock price dumped 7.4% in this last week. Rumors of a Sellers Union to make selling fair to creators. Cost of stock as of Monday the 17th was $107.81 at time of writing.  Treasury Yields still climbed, the Dow is up nicely. Tech stocks dip watching for earnings. Are the Dow Transportation stocks be a investment even though they appear to be slowing. Air space stocks still looking good after several gains in profits. Bank’s report lower earnings. Retail hits lows based on fuel cost? When 5 gallons is a pair of jeans on the cheaper side. Might need that Swing up on the investment side to keep Finances positive. So fuel cost is not a problem with doing what it is you wish. Financial freedom is So much easier today than ever. I went from 60hr weeks to Market hours. And knowing I don’t need to worry. It is a good place to be in this day and age become a investor. It gives YOU the power to connect and control your individual wealth and choice of how to direct your Energy to the Maximum Potentials of Finances not being a issue ever again. With the Remote work industry this is a great place to be I get to be with my family every day homeschool my kids. And just peek at the market at open after break and a bit before close and after hours. Some I hold some I sell off hold profits till next open. Average can be a lot different but mine has been 17%. But I am actively thinking and adjusting to Maximize process. Here is a link to Webull I use and enjoy the flexibility I get you too can find it very easy to use get some free stock to use and practice with so some begging of a New Future. So that said here is the Link

https://a.webull.com/ga6a19tY1QBuM8fO2m So if you should use this link it to be transparent I too receive 2 stocks. But this month Webull is giving 5 stocks with various value. For sign up even a single dollar gets you all 5 stocks. I lucked out and got $360 free stocks. And reinvestment has been giving day trade money to building currently over 4K since starting Webull. Super easy to do. If you need help just leave your message in comments. And I am not stingy with my Portfolio choices. Welp that’s it folks for today hopefully some of this information has given you a Light bulb moment 😉. Best Wishes and Absolutely Abundance for Finding Financial Peace. Also in short a Short buy today is Ticker HUSA it’s been very lucrative and continues to give gains ride the Wave of dips and dives to Rockets and Moons 💰. Again thanks for your time reading this message.

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Wisdoms Luminaries

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