Getting back on the Bitcoin Train and cruising the Blockchain. Will we see a New Adventure or will the Fear of a rinse and repeat Be in the Future?

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 11 Jul 2022

Hello Friends so in this Article this will be short and to the point. I Obviously talk about what’s going on with Bitcoin and the Buzz or the Buzzed 🥳. And can you if loss was huge can you have trust again thinking if you had a million in Bit at 60k and lost all that Capital would you say let’s do it again. This could answer some interesting subconscious thoughts that could be blocks to good choices. At the current time Bit has a Rough value of $21k it has lost more than 26+% in the last month. My roll on the Dice is to invest in ME not a coin. Buying everything I personally need for the next 5 years and knowing I have all my needs met without market conditions being a factor. I like my HY stocks and dividend reinvestment of wealth. It is Solid and been like the invention of the wheel. And after all you can copy the wheel in many ways but it’s still a wheel. And the nice thing with investment in physical is associated with Being able to share and give if you have a coin or a Digital wallet how much can One share with others and have it used by many. Buy land build farm hire people give food that is a Critical investment that can’t break over a Elon tweet😂. Not here to judge for I do too carry crypto but not as a yield generator but as a support to the Cause of a Competitive Market and not a Mobb Dollar. I truly hope not to offend anyone who Absolutely Loves crypto. Like my Love May be Garbage too you😉 Ones man’s junk is another’s Treasure. So my Question in this Article is what is the collection of thoughts Crypto lovers have with Bitcoins future and do you truly trust your money and future to something we have been knee capped with ?  And the Powers to BE carry the Stick. So will your investment be much smaller  or will you go All in and banking on 60k again value?  I AM looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for your thoughts and Energy as Always Best Wishes for Abundance to you and yours Always 🙏🕊🙏 and if you Love Bitcoin May your Coin shine bright Soon and blaze out the darkness of the Naysayers 

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Wisdoms Luminaries
Wisdoms Luminaries

Health, wellBEING, detoxification, neurological topics, metaphysics, stocks, investment, nature, art, music, transformation of self, Abundance some of the topics that carry large amounts of Potential for a Fantastic Life and supporting others around you. By Being the Best version of yourSELF When ONES cup is full ONE can fill others. Thanks for sharing your Energy

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