Did a Bear meet its Match BEAR the Market meets the Man who’s country could be related to the Animal a Big Herbivore. But either can Destroy a person Can All be Balanced?? Can you do it?

By Wisdoms1 | Wisdoms Luminaries | 13 Apr 2022

Thanks for talking your valuable time to read what I have to offer from a Veiw of a Observation of Life. So in this article I will speak upon several topics of interest. As Many know the CPI came out but we all know Numbers are just things that humans use to measure and Motivate a Environment to move in a direction of choice. I believe in Absolute truth like I can show you I have two hands Absolute Fact. There is Not a single number that is not manipulated to a degree. So in turn to this I have researched the big commodities Wheat, Corn, Oats, in the Food sector, this line gave me a Knowledge of seeing what a company’s water bill is this is Public information available. And looking back a distance of time to correspond a Baseline for the Volume of need to Ratio’s.  And taking environmental considerations to objectively come to a conclusion of what volumes of each said commodity’s would be based on average yields based on water need to farm such volume of each commodity. Bear facts , Example one said Wheat takes per acre Is 54k gallons of water per season roughly. Do the math and One can see what volumes are truly being grown versus available. So in The Formalities of the Bear Market stocks end lower as said inflation acceleration has became noticeable Apple did fairly well even with the Announcement of the Blood pressure monitor is delayed for more than what is suitable. Boeing Aerospace has had 141 jet orders delayed because of Ukrainian uncertainty. And will Starbucks coffee Anti union stand hurt shareholders ROI?.. so in the Crypto world Shiba fans are happy with a 18%+ gain. Ape coin seems to be still a Potential gaining 5%+ at time of this writing obviously. A little known coin Goldfinch Protocol had a Big jump of 16+%. So a few big gains if paying attention. Most of my Crypto trades are like day or few holds then Profits reinvestment into other assets. So in action to this information it leads One to a knowledge of what lucrative business revolves around a Bear. And Learning to Tame and Balance so One can receive the Power of the Bull but the Wisdom of the Bear. May you and yours Always have Abundance and Peace. All is Good when One knows how to have All needs met no matter what the outside world is offering. Stay strong stay Healthy thanks again for sharing your Heart thoughts and most of all time Hopefully you enjoyed this article and found a use within you of its insights of Observations 

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Be a metaphysical Master and enjoy life’s opportunities isolate and use the Body as A Tool to build Life. And expand the potential of your BUILDs. The Chemistry in the human body controls more than just health. So Master Life and enjoy the Fruits 🕊

Wisdoms Luminaries
Wisdoms Luminaries

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