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Writing is just a whole part of me that I can't get rid of. It always comes calling you me, especially those fluoride filled days. This time life has decided that I do not need validations no more, I need my space and stormgain is affording me that. My azZ got tired then my inner being reminded me that no bro, all these physical things fade away, the experience stays. If you are going to be shared around then be the best they've ever had, in centuries to come. That hit me hard and soon after that I tried my own link in a different browser and a different number.


So traditional stormgain mining is like this......



But the link is like this......



New sign ups might think they are better but they are -3 like this......



Yup I got them all because I'm crazy about this. So what's this really about the... You see I set out to clear my vibes and free my soul. Along that path I've learned so much and loved more than I ever did. I learned that I can be se;fish love me and that perfectly fine. I've ;earned that I'm being taken advantage of on such a cosmic scale that I never have to worry about it because the only riddle here is when it started, maybe when I was a day or two, who gives a fux right. So I've gotten mad for like two years on the third I found myself listening to my fixes, that's sadh Guru and Abraham Hicks. There's so many more but these two had me especially captivated. Listened to them on repeat so much that it's an automated meditation every single time I get to listen to them n yeah I listen to them a lot. Through this I've learned that I attrat that which I am not what I want so becoming the thought and living the feeling has made things much better. I get to laugh the fuxery away, like a mad max but the focus gets sharper. The abilities get more fine tuned. I just don't care so much, this is heavily attributed to this one suxing act that they do not talk of. I swear , ok they did ya;k of it now to come to think of it. They did. Can't lie now, it's like a spiritual glitch that wringles up in my being when I lie so truth sets me free. Not one truth but so many, not a chain though cos I need to do work everyday on myself, healing and making sure my inner child is free to speed through any and every timeline and hop back to me whenever we feel like at the same time moderating my higher being savagery. I once recall someone say that I've been weakened and made to be like a detoothed bulldog but what I've realized is that a simple detox can get those teeth growing back. Tearing through these hoooooooooooooes will be fun although I think that with all that I've come to learn about them they are way too miserable to give that kind of benefit of the doubt. Sure take it as it resonates, it's all about what fits right. What I'm saying here is that the concept of forgive and forget is cute but in this time and space continum once you learn that no one cares for you and that's completely fine, if you are destined for something you will know that it's ok because nothing matters more than that you feel good. So what are we going to do, feel good. It's only logical that you open a trade, read mad news about the asset and still stay in the trade till your time to exit, this comes with disciplinary reactions from what jumping out of trades prematurely does to the portfolio. Cosistency is the only currency that matters the most. If it's consistent with you then go ahead, I love you anyway. Now apart from the obvious money, most are into decentralization because it's a way of life thats been in mind for the longest time. Why do they keep us fluoride fed up and all these GMOs, because the status quo matters to them a lot you see. Who are they, well they all all those that condone keeping any being blind to themselves. Oh yes it's not only human beings. Now should we hold protests about this, I don't think so neither will I participate. Screaming about these things just gives them more power. The reasons why they don't block you for screaming out all the things they do is because much like we are getting cryptocurrency adapted like this, they have been doing this since the newspaper was invented. It's the oldest secret to keep you tense and worried and worse talking about it. Sharing the dose of how to stay confused and poor while you are singing I'm woke song and attacking on the low level cos you can't even think of taking the real shot at the ones who will set you straight. 


A couple of hours ago I updated a tik tok of the full moon, loved it but it's so bright on camera it's like another light but I did it anyway. ''The choices that we always have is that we can choose to take on whatever comes, such as offense or fear. Or we can choose to TRANSENT it all or TRANSMUTE it all. Better yet we can choose not to take it, by living better. With better mindsets , goals and pure intentions''


I think that's one of my best quotes as hermitworldwide. It's these truths that really make it worthwhile to go through what life is putting me through. I am waiting on a download of Abraham Hicks audio titled ''you are doing it all to yourself'' for me not to hate that truth is almost impossible because it's so true and fuxed at the same time and it's not about the law. Because law or not I do not fux myself in anyway shape or form. But for the synchronicity to make us one in that we are all made of the same staff so we are all connected really makes sense in understanding that when I sleep and the other guy decides that timing doesn't matter. Now moments are not litteral, what got given or done hours ago should be a point of sale now, and say that's it's all me. Heck I live to die so there's no need to stress about it, but I get a good kick out of expression. In seeing through the fear one really realizes that the world is not suppose to be silent. They are fishing out food and points of sales so they are low-key forcing the silence of the no time zone on this beautiful sound space. You see the beauty of where we are now is the life, the compressed vibrations and varying frequencies plus the massive numbers just flowing all around us and the time as the most valuable gift to life. These things and more express themselves in sound frequencies, the trees, the sea, the birds, the volcano and us. We speak to ourselves or others, in thought or verbally. It's all too organic so much that I think that as other forms of life observe us, they ask themselves that why do they not communicate telepathically. Rather choosing to primitively stick to language. But it's sound that really makes this realm all too hot and cold actually. From the music to the wolf wild cry, it's all sound beauties that convince me that it's better I get my silence naturally by kicking out the thought noise makers but also finding a place to adopt to myself where my water won't mistakenly be charged with fluoride. It's something of understanding that to be one and aligned, silence must be embraced, facts, now through the adversity one learned that fear keeps the masses on the tip. Keeping the men from 60 and my ladies filled up. 


The wonderful detox option really works when you can build a mindset around it and more. Sure detox but not only the body, the mind and spirit need a purge too. It's a whole being , youd be fuxin yourself into fuxing others to give you experiences for answers you already possess. It's the law it's the law, fux that. Take you inner child and higher self and you the physical fool as one. Detoxing caters for the fool, what about the child and the angry beat of you. You know that you can by no means go mad, because if you do you'd be a berserker right. If your dangerousness takes over all the controls, your true self without the much needed healing. It's a whole craze and this is how I sometimes self diagnose. Jerking off helps but it's just shifting focus to the lazy parts of you while keeping the active parts of you dormant. Sure it can sort of keep them from juicing out the best if you but think about it, that juice takes up to three days to perfect. Do the math, it takes 60 days to spermatogenesis. Rolls royce aren't made in the same timeframe as your last ride. All the offense. Take it and feel better. There's processes that are made to perfect us so much that I got to differentiate between my aura intersected to make me suicidal and my own suicidal thoughts. These suicidal thoughts aren't the pity me kind, initially it was my inner being signaling me something. Most of my own suicidal thoughts came from the deduction that there is little to no meaning of going through all of this, as I went farther I got to find that I was void of feelings and emotions. I needed to heal in places in places I didn't know I was broken and that kept being reset and broken every time I slept. I needed to link my healing to all that I ever was, all that I am and heal all that I'll ever be. It's something to work on every single day but it's really worth it because if not this then death is pretty much the transformation that makes up for all this BS. Death is beautiful, I've written about it and my interests in it and why it's not coming yet for me. I still believe death is one of the most beautiful events in life and that we shouldn't fear death at all. It's like graduation from life. Most of us want to graduate much earlier than the main program. Because for real, if you study this world, it's fuxed. We have manifested the decentralized ecosystem because of this. It's not just bitcoin or cryptocurrency this/that, it's years, generations, centuries of tears, fears, all illuaions and blood. That people didn't have better, didn't know better, settled for owning the fluoride because it's better than getting owned by fluoride. And this isn't even 0.00000001 of the whole gig. 


I've learned to breath and control myself deeply when I get annoyed. Although I sometimes like to fux their beings up because the mindset is so contrary to why we chose to come here. We came out here to have life and have more abundantly not suckle each other to death. It is what it is we say but we are living in a world created out of fear. Overcoming illusions is only the beginning but what do I know, I'm only the dog , condom, fool, which all goes to mean a trapped wise man. And this isn't half of it. Great, one more thing - those is a small part of my view points. In no way am I against anyone but I clearly do no condone what is not right to my contrast. Not times I just observe and write about it because this is my contrast which doesn't always give me the freedom or right to impose it on people. When they welcome my opinion I will most definitely enlighten the fux out of them. Just to be fair, the deductions are my own but based on information accumulated from years on years of living a life of a drunk intellect who never gave up the search of knowledge and always loved imagination. As my boy AE or as you know him Albert Listen says ''Imagination is more important than knowledge'' 



My infactuation isn't with stormgain, it's a lifestyle question. Throughout my life I always wanted the playing field to be leveled. No matter how unfair it is, that's exactly what's happening but the past is known to pale in comparison to the future. The future is paved by Thoth the Atlantean. 


When the minds of the opressed come together not to demonstrate, that's too much power. If you still need to demonstrate or meet up to conspire, then rest assured that you still have levels to go up! Words of a fool, who knows better. 

Love n light


Bless up


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