BTCEX: A Fully licensed Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange

By JanetWintsbit33 | Wintsbitblog | 13 May 2022

     Sick of using multiple exchanges to meet all your needs? Worried about regulatory bodies shutting down your favorite exchange? BTCEX has every trader covered, offering every financial instrument for your cryptocurrency needs - buy and sell on spot, trade margin, futures, AND options contracts, all with leverage. BTCEX boasts being the first Fully Regulated Canadian exchange, with a money license, as well as deep liquidity, and a wide variety of trading options. Why trade there? Let's take a deeper look.


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    Besides having the widest variety of financial instruments available too trade, the first ever USDT settled Options contracts, and a wide variety of deposit rewards for their users, BTCEX has THE cheapest fee's out of any cryptocurrency exchange running today. Out of the industry leaders, the cheapest among them provides users with a spot and margin rate of 0.2 Maker and 0.2 Taker. BTCEX only charges users half that - at 0.1 Maker and 0.1 Taker orders respectively. With Perpetual and Quarterly Futures contracts the discounts get even better, with a 0.02 Maker fee and a 0.05 Taker fee. Deposits are simple and processed fast, and the withdrawal fee's are extremely cheap; for example, to withdraw TRON it would cost .1 TRX.

     The User Interface of BTCEX is seamless, allowing users to quickly navigate through all the necessary pages when trading. Users can easily change their desired leverage. BTCEX offers traders a wide variety of leverage options, with the Bitcoin pair, BTCUSDT, allowing up to 125x leverage. This is much larger than FTX or Binance. The Ethereum pair also offers traders higher leverage than normal, with the ETHUSDT pair allowing up to 100x leverage. All other offered altcoin pairs allow up to 50x leverage - and their is many of the large market cap coins available. With exchanges shutting certain countries off access, and fee's rising, there's no  better time to start trading on a new exchange, and the hottest in the market is BTCEX.


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