By İzim Harika46 | Winning in 2020 | 1 Nov 2020

What is Youtube? Youtube is a video hosting platform, so you will understand when it is a video upload platform. So when and where it was established Youtube was founded in California in 2006 by discussing it at a dinner by three PAYPAL employees, of course, you may be surprised that it was established this long ago because it was a small application when it was founded in 2006. How did it grow? In 2009, GOOGLE made it possible to get a certain share from Youtube, so how do I earn money from Youtube, of course, you can earn by uploading videos. After the 4000 Hours watch rule, you can earn money if your videos exceed 4000 hours in total.This situation forced a Youtube channel to watch 4000 hours while almost starting to make money. Golden rules you can do
1: First of all, what channel you will open, what do you do better, in which field you are successful
2: Make the video good and quality whatever channel you open
3: Design the photo of the video beautifully, if you can't make it on a FRALENCER site
4: If you want a quick impression, you can use GOOGLE ADS (an advertising platform for Youtube) to provide a more performance impression.
Yes, if these rules are fulfilled, you will definitely get a result, for those who do not understand anything from the lottery, I will quickly go over it.When I say FRALENCER site, I want to tell you that the MOUNTING area of ​​the video you are doing needs to be well designed and you need to make the picture of the video beautiful, especially if the picture is beautiful, the number of opening of your video will increase considerably. If you meet these conditions, you can earn.We are talking about how much you earn.We all know that YOUTUBERS earn a lot.Your earnings will vary according to the time of watching.Well, how much I will earn in this article depends on what you will give me.

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İzim Harika46
İzim Harika46

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Winning in 2020
Winning in 2020

Making money in 2020 It has become difficult to make money from the Internet, which has been very popular recently, so how will we make money from the internet 2020 NET income

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