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Blog 24 - celebrate

By SeaBas | winds of change | 26 Apr 2021

Celebrate life.


I just have this urge to say it to you. And maybe also to myself. But I have been thinking about things so much in my life, even though I am still young, I think I am actually really old. I have been here many times and did only come back to be my best self in order to help. And so I did think of life, its meanings, its reasons, its purpose. In my mid teens I contemplated about studying philosophy, digging into the meaning of life even deeper. Back then I would read about french philosophers and german ones, some americans too. I would enjoy reading about Camus, was in a weird way fascinated by Kafka. And in ways every one of them made sense, because I could understand their mental processes and how they would get to their conclusions. But what would I do with it? I was reading all this because I was also looking for an answer to the plentiful questions life would make me ask. Of course there would be the obvious questions and I have never found an answer to them in any of the books in a way that I would be satisfied. 

I grew up as a Buddhist. As every religion, Buddhism has certain rules and I could understand to have empathy, to be nice to people, plants and animals, yes. But there were certain things that for me were just there to make the picture look good but not to really dig deeper. Like most religions, some questions are answered in ways that never really satisfied me. And so I would keep having this inner struggle of not having an answer that makes sense, that fits. Not from religion and not from philosophy later. 

I would start working as a teacher and later go travel the world to find an answer to my purpose. I knew I could work as a teacher and help where help is needed, I knew I could follow movements and make that my purpose, I could become a politician and make public service my purpose, become an entrepreneur and make income my purpose. Or be famous like Jimi Hendrix and maybe make creative expression my purpose? I did not find the answer in Australia, did not find it in Beer. I went on to become spiritual. I would check out ecstatic dance and drink Auahuasca, maybe the plants would tell me? Shamans would read my aura and tell me about my gifts and talents, struggles and whatnot. But where was the purpose? I still did not know. 

Every illusion that become unraveled and exposed leaves a trace of void behind itself. After the impression comes the depression. No matter what I did, this question of: why am I here and why is the world what it is? Why do things make sense, then not, and why would I seem to be the only one not being able to find its purpose (which obviously was mostly illusions too). 

In the stillness, when no more questions were asked, I often found the answer. Later I would forget it again to follow another idea only to get disillusioned again to have space to feel and see clearly. Not asking was when I found answers. Not trying was when I achieved. 


Meet me in between the space, someone once said. Why the need to suffer? Why all this? Well, in the past years I come to learn that there is reasons behind everything. And when I really feel about it, I come up with one solution. It is all done. It is already perfect, happened already, its figured out. I had one moment where I told my friend: oh there is nothing we have to do. It is all done, good. Thats it. And as stupid as it might sound now, it made so much sense in that moment and I felt like I got it. Obviously, I forgot again and ran behind ideas and probably do still, as the mind gets very unsatisfied when there is nothing to wonder about anymore, when there is nothing that has to be figured out. Because it becomes immediately obsolete for almost everything it occupies us with, except for keeping us alive. And it does not like it. But whenever I would say it is all done, it is ok to be, to allow the void to fill in the space, I would find a deep peace. I would be truly just in the moment, full on. And how beautiful that moment is. Maybe life is but a class to do all kinds of things and think all kinds of thoughts only to go back to that and remember that it is but a moment of feeling and being aware and when done truly, the moment becomes infinity. 

And when I accept that, I look at life as a gift where we can do things, that are awesome. We can have a blast, we can have fun. We can see it as something that we can celebrate. We appreciate things mostly when we loose them. We loose every second time we have on this planet. We age, we loose illusions. So what matters? When we are old we might regret not having done things when we still had the time. And when we still have the time, we have too much to do and are too anxious to do what we want to do. But are these thoughts really true? And if these are our thoughts, how can we change it? 

Celebrate, what we have. Because inevitably we wont at some point in time. The future will be different and maybe we have the things then that we now want, but we might not have the tools anymore then that we have now that we needed to enjoy those things we might have in the future. So all we can do is really celebrate the moment. 


We have 13000 thoughts a day in average. And in average 80% of them are negative due to our programming. And at 60 we are so tired of them that our brains degenerate. But we have a say. You are not your thoughts. Celebrate life, leave the thoughts be. I thought so much and have missed a lot. And it is a good lesson to learn now to do things different. 


Life is a gift. It is a class and it is everything else but easy. Pain, loss, hatred, ectasia, illusions, it all is part of it, eventually. But you can choose to focus on the 80% of thoughts a day or you can focus on the moment and cultivate gratitude, restoring peace in the heart over and over again and know it is all here to teach you and to celebrate yourself! 




Music: Spiralyx by Cass Maenius (soundcloud)



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