Flat Earth the reality of our perception

The 21st century is very exciting where we have the technology that is massified ah could be said mostly information in a digital format, being the most targeted segment, by the mass media that reach the largest possible number where such thing sometimes is usually "a channel" saying otherwise a certain point of view with certain interests, as perhaps it can be a very widespread case a "copy and paste" the most common case given that reality is handled by means and a set of actors the which determine the reality of human beings, an analog case of a program running inside a very large computer, that is why the information that contradicts that program is attacked in a certain way because it would be like trying to identify a virus which spins the program runs badly to the one determined by the designers, in case that sounds very bad for the program, sending cases that the program needs updates arias to continue functioning, which is not recognized and is identified as a virus or failure, making a compilation of having presented a scenario where repeated information is what allows the program to run normally, and knowing that the things established in most are meritoriously solid and make sense, but little by little this program has been just a hamster wheel where regular minor updates are made which would be patches, but understanding that it takes us nowhere as a civilization because we go around and if that we make it stronger more determination to move forward is only a very respectable effort but without stopping to think and if I get out of here and I can go further to reach something more real and sustainable in time which is a dream or something seen by many , it is possible to see an exit for which humanity is prepared.

At a point where updating is more than necessary or changing the program becomes possible, part of a small doubt of what is general and established. that is why I will be giving information regularly to make understand the points of what can be possible and sustainable as is the form of the place where we develop our existence, which is a set that can not be partitioned into fragments, that we are more special than what we thought and are the center of all of which positions us in a very relevant way to have an awareness that everything is connected with everything and we can not accept a fractional reality, which is run by the program, beginning to try to understand the special every human being is and be aware that we can make a better place for everyone, here first without waiting and imagining imaginary galactic worlds, which correspond to insertions introduced into the unconscious consciousness of the human being, with "myths" such as planetary interstellar travels and probes which you lack reality and being that the graphics are very bad, because a game of one with a good grafic card to make better renderings in creating images of said lunar careers.

Repeating see you see is indoctrinated with a little credible information at this point where technology allows us to question and analyze and doubt the truth of what is given as official, the program needs a general update and take us out of a loop, each one has in this point the information although the correct is not massive there is to be greater than we are still, because everything can be understood, learn and replicate something like decentralized knowledge will be like the blockchain of knowledge with which each one can contribute from what he knows being all interconnected. See you soon in a new post continuing with this theme.

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