Blockchain technology helps the development of banks!

Using technology finance can make people's finance more healthy. Now the investment scale is getting larger and larger, and the investment amount is also increasingly flowing to the blockchain field.


Blockchain technology advantages:

1、 Increase trust in transactions: in the past, cash transactions required reliable intermediaries. After using the blockchain technology, you can see the transaction records, and the trust will increase.

2、“Smart contracts”  improve efficiency and security: Traditionally, when we sign contracts, we have business relationships. We need to wait for the partner to pay, we need to find a breach lawyer. After using the "smart contract" of blockchain technology, when signing the contract, write a code on the blockchain, and the funds will be paid automatically without any human intervention. Through blockchain technology, the value of the company can be reflected in real time. How much dividends and bonuses are generated every hour is clear in the blockchain.

Obstacles of blockchain technology application:

Blockchain technology is faced with cost problems, convenience of use procedures, policy sensitivity, etc., but now the situation is getting better and better. The British government believes that computer coding also has a contractual effect.

Blockchain Innovation:

Blockchain is trying to innovate monetization. A long time ago, some companies tried to monetize their assets. Using blockchain technology, this kind of asset monetization becomes a reality. Now there is a trend that digital assets will be tokenized. Through digital monetization, a digital cat can be sold to a high price of 100000 yuan. After blockchain, digital assets are realized for the first time. So why are people keen to buy digital assets? Since digital assets cannot be copied after being transferred into the blockchain, every digital asset can be tracked.

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