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What is the significance and investment value of Libra 2.0?

The Libra society has released a new version of the white paper. We call it Libra 2.0.


1. A brief review of Libra

Libra is the digital currency and payment platform project proposed by Facebook, the global social platform giant, last year. When Libra was just launched, it shocked the whole world and caused great repercussions in the political, financial and business circles. One of the key things that makes it so popular is that it's Facebook's own digital currency.
Anyone can think of what it means to have a digital currency circulating in Facebook's huge ecosystem - which means that nearly two billion people around the world will use a new currency. The new currency is enough to hit any French currency, including the dollar.
This is equivalent to seizing the right to issue currency directly from the government.
So the U.S. Congress summoned the leader of the Libra program and Zuckerberg to the Congress for a hearing. The result of the hearing was that the U.S. government would never allow Facebook to implement the program without supervision.
So Libra has this new version today.

2. Big difference of Libra 2.0

Compared with the old design, the new Libra design has made four major changes, specifically including the following four aspects:

  • In addition to anchoring multiple legal coins at the same time, Libra's currency value also has a single legal currency;
  • Let Libra be fully regulated;
  • Abandoning the proposed Libra in the old version will eventually become the goal of a public blockchain, so that Libra is only limited to the application of alliance chain;
  • Provide safe guarantee for the cashing between Libra and French currency;

In short, these four points can be summed up as one sentence: to completely compromise with the supervision, to fully operate and implement under the requirements of the regulatory authorities.
So we can say that Libra is a payment and currency issuance platform based on the alliance chain system established under the supervision of the US government. It will circulate its own digital currency, but these currencies are strictly anchored to the French currency.

3. The meaning of Libra 2.0

In a purely commercial sense, this version of Libra is more feasible, and may even land faster. It is very beneficial for Facebook to consolidate its business ecosystem and tap its ecological value.
For blockchain technology, this is undoubtedly a great popularization of blockchain technology among young people around the world, and it is of great significance.
But for the real digital currency based on the public blockchain, it has no comparability at all, it is just equivalent to creating another kind of legal currency in the centralized world, and it has not solved any inherent problems of legal currency.

4. Does Libra have investment value?

Some readers will ask us if Libra has any investment value?
Both the old version and the new version of Libra 2.0 are very clear in their white papers. Libra is just a stable currency. The value of its currency may be determined by the value of a package of currencies, or it may completely anchor a certain kind of legal currency.
As for Libra, which anchors the US dollar, because its currency value will not appreciate against the US dollar, it has no investment value. It may fluctuate slightly in daily transactions, but it will not change significantly. This is no essential difference from the stable dollar we bought.
If we regard Libra anchored to the US dollar as a new US dollar stable currency, it should be a priority among many US dollar stable currencies, because according to the new white paper, the anchoring of Libra and French currency will be strictly regulated, and there must be enough reserves to support the exchange of French currency, unlike some US dollar stable currencies, which may be issued indiscriminately without mortgage.


In general, Libra is a matter of great concern both inside and outside the circle. On the one hand, it is the best popularization of blockchain technology and digital currency; on the other hand, it also involves the currency competition between sensitive countries, because coincidentally, the development of RMB digital currency DCEP is also vigorously promoted, and the global legal currency digitization will be an upcoming trend.

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