Tokenview helps you recover stolen assets!😎
Tokenview helps you recover stolen assets!😎

What is tokenview?

Tokenview is the first multi-cryptocurrency query blockchain explorer developed by the lead team of Beijing Elegine Technology, which aims to provide clients with a one-stop information query service by using the world’s latest blockchain technology. Tokenview allows you to search wallet address, transaction, latest block, block height, and other information of tens of thousands types of mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ERC20 Tokens, BCH, ETC, LEC, ZCASH, DASH, DOGE, etc. And by continuously supporting new crypto-currencies and adding new features, Tokenview will always be the most powerful and professional blockchain explorer in the world.


Blockchain asset transfer is different from legal currency. Under normal circumstances, if the large amount of funds in the user's bank card are stolen, it is likely to recover the lost property through the bank's inquiry of capital flow in a timely manner. Blockchain transfer is different because there is no centralized "bank". Users will find that if their BTC assets are stolen, even "customer service" cannot be found.

Fortunately, due to the open and transparent, traceable and irreversible characteristics of blockchain, it is possible for us to help users recover the cheated assets through the circulation of assets on the chain.

In the process of blockchain transaction, there are two main situations in which users lose money due to transfer.

Situation 1

The user accidentally enters the address hash of the payee in the wrong way, such as confusing the transfer address, or typing a wrong number or letter. In this case, once the transaction is broadcasted, unless the payee is contacted to inform you of the situation and ask him to turn it back to you, or the payee himself is curious about why the pie fell in the sky and dare not enjoy the money and turn it back to the transfer out address 。 But obviously, these two situations are almost impossible, that is to say, in this case, it is almost impossible to recover the losses caused by the user's own mistakes.

Situation 2

The user's private key is stolen. It may be that the hacker hacked his / her mobile phone / computer password to obtain your private key. It may be that the wallet password was cracked, or that the exchange you used was hacked, resulting in the loss of your assets. If the exchange is blacked out, it depends on how the exchange deals with it. It may roll back the transaction, but this will seriously violate the spirit of blockchain, and generally will not happen, or the exchange will bear the user's losses. But if the huge assets in your private wallet are stolen, it is almost impossible to recover them by personal power.

How can tokenview help users recover stolen assets?

In short, it is mainly through the continuous tracking of the transaction data on the chain, combined with a series of complex calculations such as address tagging, screening, and finally to determine the individual. Recently, the tokenview official website has launched the coinflow function, which can track the submitted stolen address or hacker address, capture the flow of its funds in and out of major exchanges in any period of time, so as to improve the possibility of recovering stolen assets. In this way, users can first try to see the circulation of stolen assets and then decide the next action in case of loss.

At present, BTC, ETH, and usdt (usdt Omni and usdt erc20) tracking functions are temporarily launched for address flow. According to existing clues, tracking thresholds and tracking time periods can be set freely to reduce the tracking range. Searching an address will display the flow relationship of the exchange as the trading destination by default. Through screening, you can also track the transactions flowing through the exchange separately.


Let's take a brief look at how to use it.

1) Select tracking currency

The default tracking currency is BTC. If the tracking currency is not selected correctly, an address error may occur. For example, if the address of eth is entered in the case of BTC, an error will be reported.

2) Fill in tracking address

3) Set trace threshold

According to the amount of their own assets, set the appropriate threshold, you can omit some small transfers.

4) Select tracking period
According to the stolen time, select the appropriate tracking time, and deal with the relevant transaction records efficiently.
It should be noted here that if you check in front of "exchange", only the trading leads flowing into the exchange will be displayed. After checking, you need to click search again.

Through the above introduction, you should have a certain understanding of how to use the address flow function. Now you can go to to enter an address and try the function of reversing the sky. Of course, although address transfer improves the possibility of recovering stolen assets, it is not possible to recover stolen funds 100%.

Be sure to keep your private key, and make sure that the address of the other party is filled correctly when transferring money to others. The wallet password should be set as complex as possible, with as many special symbols as possible. At the same time, don't be cheated because of petty profit.

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