Is platform currency a value currency? When is the investment income maximized?

Is platform currency a value currency? When is the investment income maximized?

Recently, the platform currency has become more and more popular. The leader of this round of rising platform currency is HT. The most direct good news is that Huobi launched the "C2C lending to earn money" 5-fold rebate activity. This activity is just one of a series of activities that will be launched in the future, so more information on favorable currency prices may be published in the future.

The competition between platforms is extremely fierce, especially in the current depressed market, all parties are trying to introduce measures to attract people. Therefore, after the introduction of new policies, it is generally expected that other exchanges will follow up.

As a result, investors have bought HT, the platform currency of Huobi, and HPT, the mining currency of Huo currency. Some investors are reluctant to catch up and buy platform currency of other exchanges.

Platform currency seems to have become a hot spot in the eyes of investors. At this time, I would rather advise investors to be calm about this phenomenon. As a long-term investor, I generally don't like short-term chasing high, and I don't advocate judging the performance of a currency with the good news for a while so as to decide whether to invest or not, but tend to see the performance of a currency from a long time range.

In order to let you see the performance of platform coin in a long time, we will lengthen the time line, choose a landmark starting point March 12, and see how platform coin's revenue relative to bitcoin and Ethereum has been since then. The reason for choosing this time point is that the collapse on March 12th is a dark moment worth remembering this year. On that day, all currencies in the whole circle were hit hard regardless of the good or bad. Therefore, at that moment, everyone is on the same starting line again.

From In terms of data, from March 12 to today, I have made a general statistics, bitcoin increased by 2.13 times, Ethereum increased by 2.27 times, HT increased by 1.97 times, BNB increased by 2.1 times, okb increased by 2.17 times.

From this set of data, we find that the growth of bitcoin, Ethereum and the three platform currencies are very close.

If readers are interested Looking at the trend chart of these five currencies on the website, we can see that the trend of their currency prices is basically the same.

I'm afraid this may surprise many investors, but it's not surprising to think about it carefully. In the long run, the trend and increase of these currencies with very high consensus are closely related. They generally rise when the market is good, and fall when the market is weak. Therefore, investors who invest in which value currency, the difference in earnings will not be particularly large.

In my previous articles, apart from bitcoin and Ethereum, I have mentioned the most in my investment suggestions on digital currency, which is the platform currency of the three platforms. I call these coins value coins.

The short-term pursuit of these value currencies tends to be short-term covered, and the more appropriate way of investment is to invest in them at a low price only when the market is flat. If we wait until the interest is good and the currency price rises, we can only pick up other people's leftovers.

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