Silver Plated Litecoin

By Apollo931 | ~Blockchain Necklace~ | 23 Feb 2021

Litecoin has always done well, it's always followed Bitcoin and the market it's self. However, I'm not particularly found of it. My view is that's it's basically a dead project using marketing gimmicks and pseudo-developments to keep it's self alive. Basically, all it's really doing is tricking people into thinking it's going to succeed for one reason or another when it's probably not going to weather the storm, like claiming they were going to implement mimblewimble technology or making partnerships that basically don't really mean anything. I think most big crypto investors literally tell you not to buy it. Beware of the Youtube milkers just running lip service for views and no real backbone. 


In the past it has found some utility as a test bed for Bitcoin, but that's about it. Litecoin isn't capable of doing anything more advanced blockchains can't do already. They could add mimblewimble, and all kinds of other things, but it still wouldn't do much as far as I can see. I'm assuming it will die off in a few years and fall by the wayside, which is why it's own founder possibly sold all of his.  


The only thing that could really save it is if they really go hard on selling it as the silver to Bitcoin's gold and actually implement awesome new features, but still won't change too much honestly in my opinion because there are already more superior ones with better features. The crypto market is still young therefore a lot of people don't truly understand the work & technology behind the project name, so there are a lot of cryptos out there that are complete garbage, but have managed to stick around the top just because they have a name and market it. In the long term though, those kind of cryptos will slowly die and make room for the true work to shine. It may take some time, but they will most likely. 


The whole thing is like the .com bubble. I mean, right now people are sifting through coin projects thinking they have found the next Google when in actuality they're looking at the next AOL. I've seen so many cryptos come and go and I've gotten pretty good at spotting which ones are going to fade out & which ones will stick around for the long haul. The only one I've been terribly wrong about so far was Dogecoin, the internet's best boy! It's funny years ago I was saying basically the same thing as I am now about Litecoin, except the world's riches man Elon Musk is seemingly pumping it. Go figure..We live in such a strange social climate and again I will say most people see crypto like betting on horse more than seeing the future potential of the work behind the name that a joke such as Doge could in fact succeed. What a time to be alive.db5457da52773b151f58ef57dbd6c8a1e72439c832c8bff56c9829c0717e300b.jpg

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~Blockchain Necklace~
~Blockchain Necklace~

I am a child of the internet. I remember when it basically screamed at you as you dialed up through the phone line, and took a good few minutes to load images. That was for sure the wild west of the internet as far as chat rooms and downloading media goes, and it seems like that feeling of vastness and possibility is upon us again in full force with crypto currency breaking all time highs in the market.

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