Bitcoin died many times but still prevails!

Bitcoin died many times but still prevails!

From its birth in 2010, Bitcoin (btc) has died many, many times:


‘It has no intrinsic value’ – UTODAY


‘It’s a Pyramid Scheme’ – Yahoo Finance

'Bitcoin is Dying'– CCN

'All cryptos will disappear' – Portfilo Wealth Global

‘Bitcoin will be dead by 2030’ – Twitter

‘RIP Decentralization’ – Medium

‘Bitcoin – The end of an Era’ – Tradingview


‘Bitcoin’s Fatal Flaw: The Limited Adoption Problem’ – SSRN 

‘Bitcoin buyers are only fooling themselves – again’ – MarketWatch

‘Treasury Secretary Seals Bitcoin’s Impending Death by a Thousand Cuts’ – CCN

Etc, etc. 


The list goes on and on, but we are still here. Waiting for the inevitable obituaries of bitcoin while the price rises and rises!

See you at the next all-time high of Bitcoin at $ 100.000 






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Will Bitcoin (BTC) survive the recession?
Will Bitcoin (BTC) survive the recession?

The block time of Bitcoin is rising lately. With the coronavirus pandemic still weighing heavily on world markets, now is the time for Bitcoin to shine. The blockchain industry has never experienced a real recession, so the near future will become very interesting.

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