How many Tokens should Justin Sun own?

Just a few days ago Klever was on its ICO, a few months ago it was JUST token, a few years ago it was BTT or BitTorrent and last the TRX which is the main coin of Tron Ecosystem. Though you can swap if you hold a TWX token into Klever in a 1:1 ratio but Why need to make an ICO ? Well in ICO you can make money. There is always good reason and bad reason it is you who will gonna decide.

Most of these new tokens that run in Tron ecosystem will be list as soon as possible to Poloniex which is also a good exchange but recently its reputation was down. Currently Poloniex is at top 30 Exchange not bad but also it's not good since Poloniex was Founded on 2014.


Now question will arise How many tokens/coins should Justin Sun own? Not counting those projects that he already bought. Many community are not in good relationship with the CEO of Tron and many new comers in crypto are falling in love with the Tron ecosystem because of its speed, fee and availability. No other in top 50 coins CEO/founder has 3 coins or more and has full control of the ecosystem than the CEO of Tron.



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Will a Decentralized domain can create a DEx?
Will a Decentralized domain can create a DEx?

Will let see in the upcoming future years if a Decentralized domain can create a Decentralized Exchange.

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