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The Morepork is New Zealand's only remaining native owl. In Maori it is called Ruru after it's haunting cry.   PictureHabitat
Ruru live throughout the main islands of New Zealand in both native and exotic bush. They prefer not to live in dry areas so they are uncommon south of Christchurch.

The Ruru is a small owl with strikingly yellow eyes, brown feathers speckled with off-white. It's breast has the same dark brown but streaked with cream and light brown. Morepork are about 29cm long and weigh 175g. Females are bigger than males.

Ruru are carnivores. They eat a variety of large insects like Huhu beetles, Cicadas, Weta and large Moths. They also eat small birds and are especially fond of Silvereyes.

The Morepork's main threat is predators. As they nest anywhere dark, including on the ground, the eggs and chicks get preyed upon by Hedgehogs and Feral Pigs. Adult Ruru get preyed on by Cats, Possums, Rats and Mustelids.

How to Help
One of the ways you can help Ruru is to leave any old trees standing as they provide a great nesting place. It is also important to plant new trees, preferably natives. Another great way to help is to make a bird box to give them a safe place to nest. Trapping predators is also important so that the Morepork has a better chance of survival.

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This information is taken from my daughters website with her permission. I am helping her spread the word about our planets endangered animals. Happy reading.

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