Now Blogging on 100% Renewable Energy
Solar Wind Energy

Now Blogging on 100% Renewable Energy

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 1 Jun 2020

I a veil of relief has been lifted from my conscience.  As a biology student devoted to the environment, I must confess:  I use a lot of electricity.  Even with all of my efforts to cut back on its usage, I have so many power-demanding hobbies I cannot begin to count them.  From Bitcoin to hydroponics, I see no limit.  I may even admit, I'm rather addicted to it.

I am a suburban homesteader.

I love blogging to you live from solar and wind power.  Blogging, mining crypto, cultivating plants, fish, and mushrooms - may start doing shrimp soon, too; I am always expanding.

This was the best I could do until I could afford solar panels and go truly off-grid; but it's excellent to let things hum at a grind knowing you're not harming the environment in doing so.

You have no idea the kind of wattage required to run a fish farm in Wisconsin during the winter!  I may try to find a way to use mining heat to heat the pond...

But, thankfully, I no longer have to carry that moral burden as I've made the switch to 100% renewable and clean energy through my power provider:

They give you a little decal for your vehicle to promote the service, which does come at a price increase:

I may put that on the tempered glass window on my PC.  I hate brand representation, though - lol.

Coming to you live from Wisconsin on wings and rays.

-Thomas Wolf

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