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ETHwriter: Uniswap V2 - Preparing for UNI Instability & Profits

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 10 Nov 2020

That time is finally coming for the official launch of Uniswap v2, and there are a number of factors around the currency that have investors such as myself on the tips of their toes - I am prepared for a few nights without much sleep to maximize my profits.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Uniswap has been a central focus of mine for a while because it has made me steady money.  Since the airdrop for 400 UNI, which I made roughly $1,500 on, I have over doubled the amount in UNI & USD value by flipping half of my UNI while holding the other in an optimistically high limit sell order in case of market spikes.  Daily movements have been relatively predictable and have allowed for repeat gains steadily enough to correct a couple of trade timing mistakes on my part and then some.  I anticipate another pump tomorrow morning.

Uniswap V2 is going live in less than a week on November on the 15th, there is a substantial amount of FOMO behind what will happen with the UNI token and changes such as the end of UNI liquidity mining in just under eight days with the launch of Uniswap V2.  There is also discussion of not only one but possibly multiple more airdrops for those that missed out on the initial 400 UNI airdrop.

I am hoping to see the price go north of its highest price ever at $8.44 USD but would be reasonably happy with a raise to $3.80 USD or above.  UNI is currently worth $3.08 USD in another predictable morning pump.  Any speculation I make on the price is pure conjecture; UNI could go into the thousands for all I know, drop through the floor and be worth next to nothing, or go back to what seems like an average level in a five-dollar range, give or take a dollar.  However, I don’t feel Uniswap is well enough established to evaluate its price history honestly.

I plan to skip sleep around November 13th through 15th to watch the markets closely; luckily, I am already awake at odd hours that tend to be market-active.  Honestly, I may do that for ten days straight - it seems to be highly profitable.  I can rely on the UNI DeFi pump and dumps for a consistent profit by holding half of my earnings or more for a longer-term higher-priced sale.  Using this and a couple of other methods by cross buying and selling with limit orders, I have found a comfort and profit level I deem acceptable for the time I invest.

Bitcoin is at an exciting stage in its evolution; I look forward to seeing what happens after the election result influence has decided its final impact.  BTC is currently idling at $15,600 USD after a dip throughout the last day.  Ethereum is doing quite well at $466 USD a coin, and some of its dependent tokens such as BAT are near full recovery at $0.20c per token.  I still believe to see nothing but good things ahead for the country and cryptocurrencies; it’s an exhilarating and exciting time to be alive.

On another note, I am back in quarantine after multiple direct exposures to someone with COVID.  My girlfriend and I had been a bit sick the last few days; we both have to be tested tomorrow morning again, and there is a large probability that we have COVID.  I am nowhere near as sick as I was earlier this year, so I don’t see a reason to panic too much just yet; I feel we are young and able to handle the situation correctly - at least, I hope so!

Now that I am super relieved to get the election results, I am dying to stop hearing about it.  The mid-west is in a massive COVID spike, that is now the primary concern for me and mine.  Money is still crucial to survival, so I’ll have to work (from home) sick regardless - luckily, I like my jobs.  I hope everyone who partook in liquidity mining makes an excellent return from it, and I hope we all see more UNI airdrops, though that has a lot of UNI holders such as myself worried about random dumps…

I hope you all make some money at the end of this Q4.

Stay smart & stay safe!

Questions or comments are always welcome.

-Thomas Wolf

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