Bitcoin's Latest & My Thoughts on Global Affairs
World Issues Edited - COVID

Bitcoin's Latest & My Thoughts on Global Affairs

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 30 Apr 2020

Last night (4-29-20) Bitcoin spiked to $9,400 at around 9 PM CTZ.  Yesterday was also the second-wave of direct deposit stimulus checks - something tells me that this time people did a little investing!  I have no doubt many people made some money back from holding prior to the COVID crash, and others were able to break even.

I held all of my tokens, even at the highest peak while contemplating flipping it, I knew it was bound to crash but chose to hang on for dear life.  Why: The US Economy is on its way to its deathbed.  I am liquidating everything but my crypto holdings because I believe if we're to see a strong transition from FIAT to cryptocurrencies, the time is near...

CBP 1 4-30
Regardless of projections, the market is doing far better than it has recently and held a buyer-dominant market!  I have to say I am proud of every person that held their ground, including myself - money is tight and I could have easily cashed everything out and covered all of my debts and then some.  But, as I always say - any form of currency is a social construct and they need our support if we wish to see them have a future.  After losing roughly half of my BAT holdings to "be responsible" I refuse to lose any more.  I am hoarding my tokens the same way I do food, silver, guns, and many, many other tangible (things you can actually physically hold or own) items.

The market fell to $8,540 at roughly 7 AM CTZ but is back up above the $8,700 mark it held prior to the spike, currently idling at around $8,850:
CBP 2 4-30

The fact that Bitcoin remains a buyers market after a complete market recovery is outstanding.  During the spike, it was a 75% buyers market and remains a 63% buyers market after the rush, but it is 3 PM right now so it's not the most active time for crypto.  Tonight will be very interesting, I plan on pulling an all-nighter and I'm doing whatever I can to get as much into crypto while the price holds and dips.

Update 5-2-2020: Bitcoin is doing well, currently holding at $8,960 - just shy of 9k!

I told you Bitcoin is a Pheonix Currency; Bitcoin and altcoins have absolutely destroyed the stock market in terms of market recovery; by making more than a complete recovery!  Now, this is where crypto has a major advantage over FIAT and stocks: If the US Economy fails, which it surely will, credit cards and banks could completely shut down; it's in the fine print...  What then?

I'll tell you.  We choose our own currencies.  COVID-19 is nowhere NEAR passing and those pushing to go back to work will soon regret it.

I made a full recovery from unconfirmed COVID-19 and am now out of quarantine; though I am still in isolation most of the time.  While I cannot say I positively had it, I can tell you it was hell on Earth and now my mother and my dog are very sick, with my nephew exhibiting lesser symptoms.  Luckily, I forced my mother to contact the hospital and she was put on medication a lot sooner than I was; I allowed myself to remain sick for weeks because I didn't want to take any tests from someone elderly or at-risk like my mother is, and I could have died as a result.  They are now opening up more testing and I highly recommend if you've been holding back - don't.  At the time it made sense, but if you are near-critical like I was, get to the doctor as soon as possible.  I had the best results in treating my condition with antibiotics, an albuterol inhaler, and Benadryl.  That and a LOT of water.

I've been through a lot in my life, including death.  This is not a normal bug and without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the number of "proven" deaths are already dwarfing most of the world's most famous wars, short only of World War II, The US Civil War, and the Holocaust.  With time those will be probably be surpassed as well.  These tragedies are beginning to look very minimal in terms of the sheer number of people losing their lives.  This screams controlled democide to me.  War is the largest money machine of all and with recent attacks on Iran, as well as other poor decisions from our commander and chief on a constant basis - another war seems to be imminent; though I cannot say with who... or whom, to be more accurate.

Picture a government who's sole interest is maintaining wealth and power.  Imagine a bug hits the population, and while they could have been preventing it from spreading to such a degree, the administration turned a blind eye and is barely helping anyone while they protect their own interests and turn all forms of state and federal legislature and the media into a complete circus.

Take a look at these stats reported by John's Hopkins University on April 28th, 2020:
JHU Death Count Comparison

Meanwhile, republicans began pulling stocks out as far back as early January (that we know about) - which would be the most corrupt form of insider trading I've ever heard of.  This could be an opportunity for the government to blame a bug (or a country for the bug), reducing the number of elderly and at-risk (unhealthy) people, and overall reducing the total population while instilling fear on not just a nationwide scare, but a global one.  We are under attack by the ignorance and greed of the very people who are supposed to protect us.  They used to call that taxation without representation and it led to a war!

While something like this is ongoing, inflation continues as corporations are bailed out by the hundreds of billions of dollars - and that is just what we know about.  All of that money comes with a debt and can be rendered worthless on the global markets in a short period of time in a tanked economy.

I am not a nut who listens to Alex Jones; I don't sit around doing market analysis or writing blogs in a tinfoil hat.  But, there are too many things that are indicative that this was all PLANNED.  It's too convenient for all the right people at all the wrong times and too inconvenient for all the wrong people at all the right times, and I don't believe in coincidences...  Not. One. Bit.

Where I am going with this:  We need to be our own support systems right now, and currencies are no exclusion.  I am very pleased to see crypto holding strong during such a catastrophic time for all.

I’ve been watching the COVID-19 stats in regular updates, as close to real-time as one can get on

Currently, the stats for the world are as follows, and these are LOW numbers due to the lack of testing and reliable tests, as well as 98%+ of the population not being tested at all:

World Coronavirus Stats @ 5-1-2020, 1:10 AM:

3,308,995 - Infected
234,123 - Dead
1,042,397 - Recovered
2,032,475 - Unresolved

The United States counts for roughly 1/3 of all confirmed cases.  Other countries that were hit first seem to be managing it better than we are while the chump in office continuously says on US Media that "It's all under control and things will open back up soon.  Other countries are always asking us how we are doing so well."  He's an idiot.  He is a tyrant.  This is not just wrong, it's unconstitutional at its core.

These are extremely low-balled statistics, but they are factual and terrifying enough at their current rate.

The dictionary definition of a tyrant: A cruel and oppressive ruler.

What are your thoughts, please comment below!  Am I crazy, or does this make sense?  I'd like to be crazy right about now...  and for the record, I am not even political.  I've always kept my own counsel, and never felt the need to be ruled over.  Perhaps that's the Cherokee in me.

De Oppresso Liber - Latin proverb, insignia for the US Special Forces.  They tell soldiers it means to liberate the oppressed, and grant freedom.  The literal translation is something more akin to, I was once oppressed, but I am not any longer.  That's me.

I am extremely concerned about my dog and my mother who are ill; my mother is at-risk from underlying health issues, and if my dog doesn't improve by morning I am looking at quite a veterinarian bill with only my sick mother who already lost her job to help me cover it; another way of saying I don't have any help, so I will have to use credit card/s.  I already lost the woman I loved (cancer shortly before COVID); I will not lose my dog or my mother too.

You could say I am angry.  But, I will not give up my humanity, integrity, or autonomy.

I'll break the mold.  This **** is getting old.

-Thomas Wolf

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