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Why is my TV yelling at me? A Modern Political Documystery #6 In the previous chapter of The Presidency continued and Since the election of Donald J. Trump

June 26, 2016 FISA request to wiretap Donald Trump was denied.

August 19, 2016 U.S. Olympic Swim Team: Ryan Lochte, a guest, committed crimes in the host country and refused to comply with security. When Lochte was interviewed he lied and bragged that he stood up to law enforcement, refused to comply and then lied again saying they were robbed at gun point by police. He was caught by security in an act of vandalism ripping down a poster.

It's no shame to shun those who have embarrassed your nation, nor to feel pride in your notions of respect, honesty, and integrity. But there was silence from the White House. Silence and lack of leadership has encouraged this behavior not only at home but, embarrassingly, in other countries.

Years later, though I hadn’t thought of Lochte, I have to wonder if this Olympian was the inspiration behind the misguided antics of Otto Warmbier during his visit to North Korea.

November 7, 2016, the day before the election, former British MP Louise Mensch reported that after an earlier FISA request which had named Donald Trump had been turned down on June 26, a new request was approved in October to monitor activity between two Russian banks with a private server. Neither the president elect nor his associates were mentioned in the order. The server however appears to have not been located in Trump Towers but Pennsylvania instead. That leaves me with some questions, like why do we find out through Louise Mensch?

A plan is submitted for a raid in Yemen which is recommended to be done on a moonless night, there won’t be another during the Obama administration.

And since Obama doesn’t do anything small and doesn’t want to take second place to anyone, like the $10 trillion he added to our debt that was more than all former presidents combined, before leaving office Obama pardoned more criminals than the last 10 presidents combined, more than 400 convicted of federal crimes including offenders involved in financial, drug, and gun crimes. Hypocritical?


Since the election of Donald J. Trump:

Though not yet inaugurated President elect Donald Trump spokes to CEO of Carrier regarding the decision to build their new manufacturing plant in Monterey, Mexico. Out of 1,400 jobs that would have been lost 1,100 will now stay here. Carrier will stay and increase automation replacing 300 workers but wages will remain stagnant because of the increase labor supply caused by illegal immigration.

It’s December and Russia deploys ground launched cruise missiles to 2 sites within their country. The Obama administration saw this as a violation of a 1987 treaty between the U.S. and Russia banning ground launched intermediate range missiles yet did nothing.


12/28/2016 Wednesday, -24

Secretary of State John Kerry chastises Israeli settlements and says Israel can’t be Jewish and a democracy. He also showed his support for sanctuary cities in U.S.


12/29/2016 Thursday, -23

The message is resistance. That’s right and “resistance starts with plain speaking!” That’s what I keep hearing. Resistance starts with plain speaking…? How about honest thoughtful adult conversations instead of playing the James Dean part. If you have the need to rebel against everything you’re really to young and immature to vote. Thank President Richard M. Nixon for lowering the voting age. He sold the idea that those of draft age who served their country and were willing to die deserved to have a voice. Then he ended the draft.

President Nixon was disturbed by drug use among the youth of our nation and I can’t imagine that a president whose only declared war was that which he declared on drugs, thought it wise that children should vote. With the repeal of the draft it seems that although his intent was to be fair to those who served their fellow citizens, the result is near disastrous. From that point on there would be child voters. Additionally, if we as a nation speak of sending our children to war then we should also acknowledge the fact that they are indeed children. As I observe the behavior being promoted by the progressive party on various media outlets it’s truly scary to think of 18 year old children voting! I spent a year as an 18 year old.

I’ve been hearing a lot of absurd and ill thought statements lately. Hateful language from only one side. Those whose candidate didn’t win. Paid protesters are being bused in to light police cars on fire, throw rocks, blocks streets and businesses, and vandalize the local “capitalist” Starbucks again. So much for the life of the locals. The following is a list of statements and beliefs being made by the leftist. It’s time for a little reality check.

* Fake news is propaganda:

Well I can’t argue with that. Benghazi wasn’t caused by a video as Hillary and Barack both stated. Emails show Hillary told her daughter Chelsea whom is unelected and has no security clearance that it was a terrorist attack the same night and lied to the public the next day blaming it on a video. Propaganda. Transparency?

Control the questions and you control the message. Control the questioners….. We discover that CNN contributor and adviser of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile cleared CNN town hall questions in advanced with Hillary Clintons campaign. Asking permission to ask questions should never be necessary and giving advantage to a candidate and then claiming it was a fair debate is a lie. That’s propaganda.

Having observed the rampant bias for years my conclusion is she got caught and it’s likely she’ll remain around for a long time. She took a hit for her team.

* The powerful are demanding apologies from artist is censorship:

Mike Pence never demanded an apology from the cast of Hamilton. He went to a play and was publicly harassed by a bunch of “entertainers” who live in a world of make believe and act out their fantasies on stage for a pay check. He stood there with his wife and listened. Politely.


* Business dealing while in office are corruption:

Not all are but some certainly are. For those of you who were only 2 years old when Bill Clinton was elected and have no clue as to your own national history I’ll use something current. The Clinton's claim they were dead broke when they left the White House. Who would believe that much less vote for someone who couldn’t budget their own money? They must be pretty stupid. Staggering amounts of cash poured into the Clinton Foundation from foreign donors, businesses, criminals, dictators, and countries that hate America to promote the Clinton Global Initiative. It sounds pretty corrupt to me. Even treasonous. Bill Clinton is still having conversations with foreign leaders and isn’t even in office anymore. Could this be construed as a violation of the Logan Act? I’ll discuss that one later.

* Threatening protesters and petitioners is authoritarianism:

Coordinating multiple news agencies to be prepared to cover paid protesters being transported by buses from other cities and states to stage a riot, burn police cars, and loot local businesses in an attempt to crush an elected government are acts of treason and sedition.

* Declaring a minority and internal enemy and calling for militarized unity is called fascism:

Recognizing and defining the enemies of our nation is required in order for the government to protect its citizens. Boarders exist for a reason and ours were closed for many, many years while at the same time U.S. citizens were providing aid to other formerly invaded nations for the above stated reason. If you want to be safe and free pay attention to who’s around you.

Terrorism has been a topic here since Sept. 11 2001 yet in this short period of time things have dramatically changed. There are those among us who condemn foreign terrorism on U.S. soil yet reserve the right to themselves. So many children have gone to college to be taught by those are barely older or as experienced in life as they themselves are. It’s the blind leading the blind. We’re not stuck in the 1960’s and there’s no antiwar movement young minds are being molded and manipulated to rise up and stand against freedom!

On November 2, 2020 there will be 18 year old children voting that weren’t even alive during the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. They will have no knowledge of the Clinton's or what the Clinton Global Initiative is focus on achieving. If given the chance they would most likely vote for Chelsea Clinton if she ran for president, she would likely use her mothers’ “wouldn’t you like to see a woman in the White House?” platform. The Clinton crime family have been at it for years and children teaching children will lead to lessons being long forgotten and history being repeated. Of course the youth will be unaware because their history books are being rewritten on a regular basis.

The nation’s sovereignty is being destroyed by globalism. Didn’t our founding fathers fight a war to declare our independence? I’ve heard there’s some sort of document in Washington D.C. that says they did. When your elected officials continually speak of the need to protect minorities and refugees and treat concerned voting citizens as second class be careful to consider their motivations, they’re looking to grow their voting base and obtain or retain power.

The U.S. resettled 60% of the world’s refugees in the year 2016. 60%! That’s how you change an entire culture and mold a new world order. Move people around, stir things up, create crisis, point out problems, and make government the solution.

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Michael Stevens
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I've always had a curiosity in regards to the bigger picture. Politics, finance, overthrowing governments through the use of organized media. I'm not one of the sheeple.

Why is my TV yelling at me? A Modern Political Doc
Why is my TV yelling at me? A Modern Political Doc

Much of what I’m about to present was the equivalent of a daily news journal I started two days after the inauguration of President Donald J Trump. Today, in the face of a continued disinformation campaign by the organized media, it seems desperately important to review certain facts. I sincerely hope those who read this find it both interesting and enlightening.

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